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Your personal statement

Colourful collage of protraits
Colourful collage of protraits
Naroa Perez Iguaran, BA (Hons) Photography, London College of Communication, 2019, © Lewis Bush

A personal statement gives you the platform to share your creative story and tell us why UAL is the university for you.

What is a personal statement?

Our definition

A personal statement is a written pitch.

It is your opportunity to tell us what inspires you, what you're interested in and why you want to study your chosen course at UAL.

Where to begin?

First, ask yourself a few questions.

  • Why this subject?
  • Why UAL?
  • What artists and styles inspire you?
  • What experience and skills do you have?
  • What are your career goals? How can this course help you achieve them?

7 tips for your personal statement

  1. It's all about you. Your personal story is what makes you unique and stand out from the crowd.
  2. Make it relevant. Talk about examples and experiences that match your course criteria.
  3. What about extra-curricular activities? Do you do any volunteering or have any hobbies?
  4. Structure as well as substance. Structure it carefully to create a clear narrative.
  5. Watch out for errors. Ask someone else to read it to check for mistakes.
  6. Practice makes perfect. You may need to write a few drafts before you're happy.
  7. Read aloud. Before submitting your statement, read it aloud as a final check.

Advice from UAL staff and students

Need more help?

  • Student with purple hair and purple jumpsuit talks through their portfolio.
    Tanikha Allen, BA (Hons) Theatre Design, Wimbledon College of Arts, 2018, © Alys Tomlinson
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  • Student working on a laptop with sketches surrounding them.
    Craig Green, MA Games Design, London College of Communication, 2018, © Alys Tomlinson
    How to submit your portfolio

    Learn how to upload your portfolio to PebblePad, our online submission tool.

  • Student working in a studio.
    Rakshita Arvind, BA (Hons) Creative Direction for Fashion, London College of Fashion, 2018, © Alys Tomlinson
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