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Develop your skills and strengths

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The Creative Attributes Framework is designed to help you develop the wide-ranging qualities, experience and behaviours to prepare you for the future and enable you to develop and sustain a rewarding professional life.

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  • Making things happen

    We will support you to practice and apply your learning in a variety of situations: at university, in the workplace and in the community. These experiences will help you to develop the attributes of proactivity, enterprise and agility.

  • Showcasing abilities

    We will enable you to communicate about yourself and your ideas, and develop your own narratives. You will be open to receiving feedback and be able to adapt to different situations, demonstrating the attributes of communication, connectivity and storytelling.

  • Navigating change

    We will equip you to thrive in uncertain futures, and to navigate change by developing the attributes of curiosity, self-efficacy and resilience.