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Navigating change

We will equip you to thrive in uncertain futures, and to navigate change by developing the attributes of curiosity, self-efficacy and resilience.

We want to equip you with attributes and strengths that will help you throughout your whole career. We know the world is changing fast and that the pace of change is increasing. Technologies you’re using today may soon be superseded.

In the future, you will probably be solving problems that have yet to arise, using technologies that don’t yet exist, in new and emerging areas of work. To thrive in this fast-paced, challenging world, we’ll support you to develop attributes to support your ability to navigate this unknown future.


The enthusiasm to seek out new perspectives to create, and build on, existing knowledge.


Confidence in your abilities and the ability to respond positively to all situations.


The willingness to adapt and remain motivated, overcome obstacles, and deal with ambiguity, uncertainty and rejection.

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