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Student Fees Policy

The student fees policy outlines:

  • How UAL tuition fees are set, in relation to UK government policy where applicable.
  • How and when students are expected to pay tuition fees. Including those whose fees are paid by a government or other organisation.
  • Any fees charged in addition to tuition fees.
  • Impact on tuition fees when repeating, transferring, withdrawing from, and taking time out of studies.
  • Rules on refunds.
  • What happens if you don't pay your fees.

Choose a policy for the year that you started your course.


UAL student fees policy 2023/24  (PDF172KB)


UAL student fees policy 2022/23  (PDF178KB)


UAL student fees policy 2021/22 (PDF 180KB)


UAL student fees policy 2020/21 January 2021 update (PDF 164KB)


UAL student fees policy 2019/20 (PDF 189KB)


UAL student fees policy 2018/19 (PDF 185KB)


UAL student fees policy 2017/18 July update (PDF 382KB)

Teach out policy

UAL ensures the course can be completed by all current students. Even where the course is being discontinued and we will not be taking on new students.

If the course needs to move sites students will:

  • be transferred to another site of UAL
  • will be given as much notice as possible to allow staff and students to plan a transition.

In extreme circumstances UAL would transfer the teaching out of a course to a different college of UAL.

Compensation will be considered if

  • the University was not able to maintain continuation of study or
  • where students have to transfer to a different course.
Each application will be considered on a case by case basis. The factors which will be considered include:
  • the course of study and circumstances for non-continuation
  • any mitigation that UAL has put in place
  • tuition fees and maintenance costs of any study which has to be repeated
  • any additional tuition fees or maintenance costs as a result of transferring
  • any additional travel costs incurred as a result of changing location
  • relocation costs
  • any distress and inconvenience that has been caused by UAL.

How to apply for compensation

Before applying read through the appropriate fee policy for your academic year.

Apply through the  Academic Registrar:

  • Send a physical letter, addressing it to the Academic Registrar.
  • Include as much information as possible.
  • State estimates of any costs.

You will receive a letter with results of your claim after 28 days.