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Fashion Folio visa information

If you will be travelling to the UK on a passport issued by a country outside the UK or Ireland, you may need to apply for permission to come to the UK to study. Students who are coming to the UK to study for less than 6 months will be able to do so on a Standard Visitor Immigration Permission.

Standard Visitor Immigration Permission holders are not limited to studying one course and are permitted to book more courses once in the UK but you must not intend to study in the UK for extended periods through frequent and successive visits and the total stay in the UK must not exceed 6 months from the date you entered the UK (if you arranged your standard visitor visa at the border of entry) or the validity of your entry clearance (if you applied for your visa before arriving in the UK). Please view the visitor guidance for more information.

If you intend to progress onto the Fashion Folio - Stage 3 course on successfully completing the Fashion Folio - Stage 2 course, you must book stage 3 course before coming to the UK for Stage 2. You should present visa letter for each of the courses you booked and ensure that you enter the UK late enough so your immigration permission is valid for both stages if that is your intention.

Please note that Fashion Folio Stage 2 starts on 02 October 2023 and Fashion Folio Stage 3 finishes on 22 March 2024. You should ensure that your visit to the UK does not exceed the maximum period allowed as per Standard Visitor Immigration Permission conditions (normally 6 months) and to also ensure that your Standard Immigration permission you arrange covers both Fashion Folio Stages.

After you book the course you will need to login to your account and request for the Standard Visitor visa letter which you can use to arrange your Standard Visitor Immigration permission. For instructions on how to apply for a Standard Visitor Immigration Permission and everything you need to know before and after receiving your visa please visit the UAL website. Please make sure you understand what you can and cannot do on a Standard Visitor Immigration Permission before entering the UK.

If you are an EU, EEA or Swiss student who has already arranged settled or pre-settled or any other digital status please send the Share Code and a copy of your passport to the Immigration Compliance by emailing to for us to record your immigration status onto your student record.

Please note that students will not be able to join Fashion Folio on a Student or Tier 4 student visa. Fashion Folio is a full time academically intensive course and students cannot study this course as supplementary study to their main course for which they hold their Student or Tier 4 student visa.