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Appealing An Exam Board Decision

You may be able to appeal an exam board decision if you have new information that wasn't considered at the time.

You can only appeal a decision if:

  • there was an error which affected your assessment. For example, if the College lost some of your work.
  • there were extenuating circumstances – something happened that you weren’t able to tell us about. For example, you were in hospital and couldn’t contact the College.


If you think you have grounds to appeal an exam board decision please read:

How to submit an appeal

To make an appeal you’ll need to complete the Stage 1 Appeal Form.

Please email this form, together with a copy of your results letter from the exam board, and any supporting evidence, to

You must submit the form within 15 working days of the publication of results. You can find this date at the top of the results letter that was sent to you by the College.

The Appeals Unit will process your appeal – either to send for review or reject it – in a maximum of 10 days. There may be cases where we’ll ask you for more details. If this happens, there could be a delay in processing your application but we will keep you updated.

Not happy with the outcome?

If you're not satisfied with the outcome of a Stage 1 Appeal, you may appeal.

You’ll need to complete the Stage 2 Appeal Form and email it to

All Stage 2 Appeals must be submitted within 10 working days of the outcome of the Stage 1 Appeal.

If you are unhappy with the Stage 2 decision you can appeal in writing to the University Secretary and Registrar who will come to a final decision. Contact UAL's Appeals Unit for more information on this stage.

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