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UAL Future Creatives

Explore our fun and engaging art and design classes for kids and teenagers

UAL Future Creatives provides inspiring art and design classes for kids and teenagers aged 7 to 17. Courses run across the UK:

  • after school
  • on Saturdays
  • during school holidays

Students learn from our qualified teachers - experienced industry professionals, who provide fun and engaging courses covering everything from cartooning and sculpture to graphics and screen printing.

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Where do courses run?

View courses in Cambridge
View courses in Cambridge


Explore our range of exciting and enjoyable classes in Cambridge

View courses in St Albans
View courses in St Albans

St Albans

Discover our excellent art and design classes for young creatives in St Albans

View courses in Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells
View courses in Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells

Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells

Check out our incredible classes running in Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells

View our residential Ascot course
View our residential Ascot course

Harrow (residential)

Discover our immersive summer residential courses in Harrow

Who are courses for?

Courses are for all students aged 7 to 17 who enjoy being creative and imaginative. Our students can experience everything from drawing and painting to graphic design and sculpture.

Our courses also focus on well-being - taught in small classes, students benefit from close care and attention from our teachers.

Courses are split into programmes for primary and secondary school students with their own specific aims:

7 to 11 year old programme

These courses are for primary school students, who want to explore their creativity outside of the classroom.

This programme is designed to:

  • Develop new creative skills and techniques
  • Build friendships and communities
  • Promote well-being and confidence
  • Work on creative projects

11 to 17 year old programme

Our courses help secondary school students develop their skills and provide guidance for GCSEs, A-levels and beyond.

This programme is designed to:

  • Provide an environment to flourish
  • Help students create a portfolio of work
  • Advise on GCSE / A-level choices
  • Give insight into future career opportunities

When do courses run?

We have a wide range of courses that run throughout the year:

After school classes

These courses run as a block of classes during term time. Students have a fantastic opportunity to really get creative outside of their typical classes.

Saturday classes

These courses run in 5 weeks sessions. Students experience different creative skills and techniques, which they'll use to present a piece at the end of the course.

Holiday classes

We run 5 day art and design courses during half terms and school holidays. In these immersive sessions, students learn closely from our expert tutors.

Residential courses

During our 1 or 2 week courses, students will live and learn art and design in our summer accommodation.

Taster sessions

These sessions allow you to get a small sample of what our inspiring classes have to offer, exploring a short but stimulating project.

Contact us

Future Creatives is a new and growing venture for UAL. If you have any questions, would like to get involved in teaching or recommend your local area as a Future Creatives hub let us know. Email: | Telephone: +44 (0)20 7514 7015

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