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Intercultural and Communication Training

Amelia Rodney, BA Hons Textile Design, Chelsea College of Arts

We offer workshops and online resources to develop your intercultural awareness and communication skills.

What's on Summer term

Intercultural Zine Fair

Come along to UAL’s second Intercultural Zine Fair at Peckham Levels, where we will showcase zines and publications made by students and staff at UAL and other publishing professionals and collectives including PageMasters, The Feminist Library and Photobook Cafe. You will also get the chance to join our workshops to create zines on the day.

Date: Friday 10 May
Time: 12.30 pm – 6 pm
Location: Peckham Levels, floor 5, Gig Space
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In partnership with many degree courses across the university, we provide workshops that develop your intercultural awareness and communication skills.

The workshops cover various topics including:

  • collaboration skills,
  • personal views of culture,
  • intercultural competencies,
  • valuing difference.

Our workshops involve creative activities, critical and reflective thinking and group discussion. They contribute towards the development of a positive and inclusive learning community.

If your course does not include these workshops, please contact us. We will then contact your course leader to arrange workshops for your course.

Online resources

Use our online learning guides to find out more about intercultural competencies for interaction. The guides are split into three self development sections, which share the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable you to study, collaborate and learn with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.