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Making things happen

We will enable you to communicate about yourself and your ideas, and develop your own narratives. You will be open to receiving feedback and able to adapt to different situations, demonstrating the attributes of communication, connectivity and storytelling.

This group of skills is what you do every day; communicating about yourself and your work. This may be to a potential employer, someone who could invest in your business, or a possible client if you are going to freelance. In all these situations you need to know how to present your unique set of skills and abilities to others. Communication is a two-way process and it’s also important to be able to listen and adapt your ideas to different settings. These three attributes will help you to be able to showcase your talents to others:


The initiative, hard work and passion required to make things happen in society, in the community and in the workplace.


The mindset that takes measured risks, that perceives and creates opportunities, as well as the resourcefulness to pursue these opportunities in an ethical and sustainable way.


The ability to embrace rapid change and retain an open mind.

What have others done?