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How to build your confidence to start a business

Celeste Hampton,
Written by
Yusuf Tamanna
Published date
27 January 2021

According to Celeste Hampton, in order to thrive as a creative professional, you need to practice your craft often. Celeste’s own practice is focused on contrasts and colour and how they can work together to create designs.

“My multidisciplinary practice moves seamlessly between digital and analog, using textiles, inks and ceramics to express my colourful art and designs.”

It’s a discipline that Celeste devotes a lot of time to and takes inspiration for it wherever she can. Crediting nature, fashion and art as her biggest sources of creative revelation.

"I am constantly researching and creating images which I later transform into pattern designs to be sold in the global fashion and home-decor industries,” Celeste tells me.

“I have done plenty of short courses at Central Saint Martins along the years and I loved them all!"

— Celeste Hampton

Hoping to find even more inspiration, Celeste completed the Applied Surface Design Using Adobe Illustrator Weekend short course in person at Central Saint Martins and then shortly followed that up with the Digital Textile Design Online Short Course.

“I have done plenty of short courses at Central Saint Martins along the years and I loved them all! The two courses that I did this time round were fantastic because they complemented each other in a very good way. I really wanted to learn how to put my art into repeat and make surface pattern design prints out of them.”

For Celeste, it’s the passion and professionalism of the tutors delivering the short courses that really makes the experience worthwhile. She says the courses helped her figure out her next creative move.

  • thumbnail_IMG_9449.jpg
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“These last two courses where just what I needed to feel confident and start my own business as a textile designer!”

With so much experience in completing a range of UAL short courses, Celeste is more than happy to recommend others to try it for themselves.

“The whole experience is money very well spent! It gives you the opportunity to make contacts and interact with very creative people, and obviously the teachers are great!


If, like Celeste, you’re looking to diversify your practice or want to innovate your creative expression, our online short courses are crafted to help support your next artistic venture.

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