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Course Feature: Interior Design - Modules 1, 2 and 3

Lyndall Fernie,
Written by
Jasmin Woolley-Butler
Published date
29 March 2023

Here at Chelsea College of Arts - Spatial and Interior Design is one of our largest specialist subject areas for short courses.

The centre piece of our Interior Design short courses are three standalone courses, which form our module programme, comprising of three 12-day courses; Interior Design Module One, Interior Design Module Two and Interior Design Module Three. Each 12-day course has been carefully designed to equip you with the skills required to professionally undertake an interior design project.

Interior Design – Module One

This course is the starting point of the programme, you do not need any experience of interior design as you will be taught everything you need to start on your interior design journey. At the beginning of the course you will be introduced to a project brief – this brief will form the basis of a residential project that you will undertake during the course.

Each week your tutor will introduce you to new skills and techniques covering all the essentials including; concept boards, drawing plans and elevations and bubble diagrams. You will also have lectures on hard finishes, soft furnishings, model making, lighting, colour and sourcing materials. As you begin to finalise your designs you will also learn about mounting and labelling before presenting your finished project in week 12.

Did you know…

If the dates we have available don’t suit your schedule, you may choose Introduction to Interior Design Part 1 and Introduction to Interior Design Part 2 instead. These two courses, taken consecutively, will teach you the same content as Interior Design Module One. Each course it taught over 10 evenings or 5 days, during which you will work through a carefully designed project covering all essential skills, just as in Module One.

Interior Design – Module Two

Following a similar structure to Module One, this course will take your knowledge and skill set to the next level. You will focus on a commercial project by designing a bar or restaurant. These new skills will encompass surveying, detail drawing, designing staircases and one-point perspective drawing. There will be a range of new considerations to make whilst designing for a commercial space including fire regulations and disabled access.

By week 12, when you present your finished project, you will have solidified and built on the skills acquired during Module One. You will have a new-found confidence in your designs and the ability to present these professionally.

Did you know…

Digital CAD drawing is not taught during the module courses, as it is essential students have confidence and a fundamental understanding of how to undertake technical drawing by hand first. This also means you will have all the skills to design and communicate your ideas to clients without needing to invest in software after you complete the programme.

If you are intending to work for an Interior Design company it may be a good idea to take a stand-alone CAD course during this module. Courses such as AutoCAD for Interior Designers or Vectorworks, are desirable if you're planning to undertake an internship or work in a design studio.

Interior Design – Module Three

For the final module you can design from your own real or imagined project brief. Many students find that by Module 3 they already have their first client with a real brief to work with. During the 12 weeks you will work through your project with the support and guidance of your tutor. There will be a series of lectures which will provide you with practical and professional knowledge that will prepare you for working as an interior designer. Topics for these lectures will cover everything from working with contractors and planning issues, to setting up on your own, how to charge and writing specification’s. There will be demonstrations on creating general arrangement (GA), lighting and electrics plans and there will also be advice about how to look for a job.

Upon completion of all three courses you will be ready to embark on an interior design career. You will have the confidence and knowledge to take an interior design project from the initial client brief to appointing a builder. You will have an understanding of how to work with trades people, set up a studio or find work in interior design.

Did you know…

Many students who complete these courses successfully transition into a career in Interior Design, we interviewed Jo Sampson about her path into interior design about 6 months after she completed the programme. We also sat down with Matteo Bianchi, who completed the module courses, now runs a successful interior design studio and has returned to teach at Chelsea College of Arts.

Interior Design Module One runs in two formats – you can choose to study one day a week for 12 weeks or in a condensed format, studying 12 days over 3 weeks.

Interior Design Module Two also runs in two formats – you can choose to study one day a week for 12 weeks or in a condensed format, studying 12 days over 4 weeks.

Interior Design Module Three is taught over 12 weeks only. As this is the final project there is an increased workload that would be detrimental to condense into a fast track course.

All formats require students to undertake substantial independent study between lessons

If you have questions about these courses, or if you have some prior experience, do get in touch with the short course team who can provide you with a student self-assessment tool to help you choose the right starting point. We also have some sample timetables to give you greater insight into the content of each course.

With so many courses to choose from, we know it can be daunting when it comes to deciding the best course for your needs. We’ve have a number of resources that can help you including our Bite Sized Interior Design Online Short Course, which allows you to experience studying at Chelsea for a few hours, before committing to  a longer programme of study and a handy Journey Map, to help you get an overview of our courses and different pathways available. Our website also has a number of features, including student stories and tutor profiles.

Student reviews

"The tutor was absolutely amazing and inspiring. Full of knowledge and passion about her job- as teacher as well! – that she shared in a stunning way to all of us." – Maria, 2018 (Interior Design - Module One)

"Absolutely loved the course, it was way better than I expected. Extremely detailed, very helpful and loved how enthusiastic and passionate the tutors are." – Mahnoor, 2018 (Interior design - Modules One, Two and Three)

"The tutor was very dedicated, knowledgeable and patient. It was a pleasure coming to her classes!" - Marianne, 2018 (Interior Design - Modules One and Two)

"Supportive and inspiring teacher who is very intuitive and well aware of your strengths and weaknesses." - Shahrz, December 2017. (Interior Design - Modules One and Two)