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Insights on independent curation - Sarah Sparkes


Written by
Kathy Coleman
Published date
24 April 2020
Meet artist and curator Sarah Sparkes for a behind the scenes look at curating an independent exhibition or on-going art project, with direct reference to a recent exhibition she curated. Sarah Sparkes has been teaching the short course 'How to Become an Independent Curator' at CSM since 2008, the course has a track record for launching careers and educational paths in this field. The talk will be followed by a Q&A.
Sarah Sparkes is an artist and curator, she leads the visual arts and creative research project 'GHost', initiated in 2008. 'GHost' is comprised of an on-going programme of exhibitions and interdisciplinary seminars interrogating the idea of the ghost. 'GHost' has been supported by Arts Council England, University of the Arts, University of London, FACT (Foundation for Arts and Creative Technology), NTMoFA (National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts), Inspiral London and . Sparkes has published chapters on 'GHost' and ghosts and has lectured extensively on these subjects.

Sep 23, 12pm

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