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How a short course can help you grow your business and expand your skills

 Student artwork by Lynsey Beth Hudson
  • Written byCarys Thomas
  • Published date 18 October 2022
 Student artwork by Lynsey Beth Hudson
Student artwork by Lynsey Beth Hudson

Do you dream of setting up your own small business?

With the right planning, your business idea has the potential to grow into a profitable enterprise, allowing you to turn your hobby or interest into something more.

Small businesses (also referred to as SMEs) continue to play an important role in the economic landscape. Research shows that SMEs account for as much 99% of the UK’s business population, with around 5.5 million small businesses currently active in the UK.

Taking a short course can be a great way to grow your business, expand your skills and achieve your professional goals.

To find out how a short course can be beneficial, we caught up with small business owner, Lynsey Beth Hudson. Lynsey is the founder of Honoura Jewellery, a conscious jewellery brand launched in 2020, and recently took our Jewellery and Wax Carving Short Course to expand her skills.

I loved the course. I would 100% recommend it whether it's as a hobby or for your business. It's a great way to just take some time for yourself and learn a new skill.

— Lynsey Beth Hudson, Short Course Student

From footwear to jewellery

Lynsey is the director of LBVH Limited, a footwear consultancy which offers strategic planning and product development, as well as the founder and designer of Honorua Jewellery.

“Prior to launching my own businesses, I worked for over 15 years as a senior buyer for a number of large global brands where I was responsible for building and managing their footwear ranges,” Lynsey explains.

Lynsey completed a foundation course at London College of Fashion before progressing on to a BA in Product Design and Development for Footwear Industries. This experience allowed her to develop a strong foundational knowledge of the creative industries which she continues to draw on in her professional career today.

“I have such fond memories of my time at LCF and I loved the practical side of my degree,” says Lynsey. “The environment was magical - we were encouraged to be creative and problem solve to bring our visions to life.”

Lynsey’s working week is often busy and varied as the manager of two businesses. Her jewellery work involves designing and specing new collections, developing marketing strategies and reviewing sales data.

“I get real pleasure in being creative and I have been very lucky in my career so far that this is at the forefront,” says Lynsey. “There is nothing more satisfying than seeing an idea come to life in your product and then seeing it being worn and loved by a customer.”

Design inspiration

Lynsey’s unique jewellery designs are often inspired by architecture and elements of the natural world. “My designs often feature geometric shapes paired with organic fluid textures, reflecting on the sense of harmony that needs to be restored in order to protect our planet for the future,” she says.

Much of Lynsey’s work is informed by her passion for sustainability and commitment to ethical practice. “It is so important to me that Honoura’s foundations are built on sustainability and a strong ethical code of practice,” she says.

“In the areas where precious metals are mined, whole eco-systems are being destroyed through clearing, drilling and the pollution of the waterways,” says Lynsey. “This is why we have chosen to use certified recycled materials in all our pieces and to be more circular in our approach."

"With every piece of jewellery we sell we plant a tree to help restore the planet for future generations," Lynsey explains.

Student artwork by Lynsey Beth Hudson
Student artwork by Lynsey Beth Hudson

The art of wax carving

The Jewellery and Wax Carving Short Course is designed to offer an in-depth introduction to the art of wax carving for jewellery. All techniques are covered on the course, from design to finished work cast in silver.

Lynsey found the approach to learning at Central Saint Martins very inspiring and enjoyed experimenting with new techniques during the week. “We learnt so much about the tools and machinery in the workroom and we were able to be totally hands-on so we could really get an understanding of their uses,” she says.

“We followed the whole wax carving process in-house,” says Lynsey. “Often on courses the wax carving is sent away to be cast however the workroom was fully equipped so we were able to see the whole process. It was great to be able to fully immerse myself in learning.”

Lynsey hopes to use the skills she has learnt on the course to expand her current range of jewellery. “I want to expand our range to include more conceptual large pieces of jewellery," she says, "and I love the idea of being able to bring this in-house into our own studio as it will allow us to be able to work on more custom projects.”

Building connections

For Lynsey, the chance to learn from experienced tutor, Anastasia Young, was invaluable. “Anastasia was so knowledgeable and approachable, showing us each stage and talking us through the reasoning behind it,” she says. “She also took the time to support our individual projects and guide us in our problem solving as we honed our skills.”

"There was an amazing mix of individuals all with different backgrounds and reasons for taking the course,” Lynsey tells us. I found it so inspiring hearing their ideas and seeing this translate into their final pieces.”

“We were guided on the process and then encouraged to be as creative as we like,” Lynsey says. “This resulted in some amazingly creative pieces that we were able to all showcase at the end of the week.”

“The course reminded me how much I love the physical aspect of creating,” says Lynsey. “I fell back in love with having the tools in my hands and shaping my vision myself. It confirmed for me that this is an aspect I want to build into my day-to-day life.”

Find out more about Lynsey’s jewellery by following Honoura Jewellery on Instagram.

Take a look at our full range of short courses starting soon for more information.

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