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Choose the right digital marketing course for you – with help from our tutor Hana

Published date
16 Apr 2020
Megan St Clair Morgan
Whether you're looking to gain an understanding of how your brand can benefit from having a social media presence, or looking to develop your skills in producing video content, we've got you covered with a large range of courses delivered online. Perfect for both marketing professionals keen to upskill or new-starters wanting to get to grips with digital marketing.
We caught up with tutor Hana Jay Klokner who teaches on 3 of these courses – to get her best one-line advice for those who are unsure about which course to choose.

Get a solid understanding of how your company or brand can benefit from social media marketing and social media platforms with an easy and attainable structure and strategy.

If you’re a lifestyle brand or a self-brand and you want to know all the tips and secrets that nobody will tell you about Instagram, this one is for you.

Keep hearing that video content will rule the internet this year and you’ve heard that also last year, the year before and basically since 2005? Now is the best time to create that video content.