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How You Can Still Enjoy Fine Art From Home

Image Courtesy of UAL,
Written by
Yusuf Tamanna
Published date
14 April 2020

We want to help you still enjoy the most dynamic exhibitions and critically acclaimed artworks from across the world, even if the galleries and museums have closed their doors for now. Below, we’ve listed just some of the places that have shifted their exhibits and works online to their website to make sure art remains accessible and enjoyable for all. Better yet, we’ve included podcasts recommendations and links to some virtual tours that will give you the full 360° experience, so you don’t miss a thing.

The National Portrait Gallery 

Holding the most extensive collection of portraits anywhere in the world and you can search through 215,000 different works via The National Portrait Gallery’s online collection. You can view portraits dating back from Tudor and Elizabethan eras all the way up to the 20th Century and contemporary works from newcomers to the art world.  There is also a option to stay abreast with all the latest news and stories and interviews within art with the gallery’s blog page where artists and curators highlight some of their most treasured pieces. There is also a chance for you to get involved with the conversation.

In addition to their online collection of portraits, the National Portrait Gallery also a wide collection of podcasts celebrating the pioneering women within art, both past and present. You can also view a selection of the gallery’s sculptures and objects from all angles and enjoy the whole experience with stunning 360° degree views.

Natural History Museum 

Combine art, science and even a dash of home schooling for anyone with children at home with the Natural History Museum's range of virtual tours, which will enable you to explore the wonders of the museum from home. Let Sir David Attenborough’s unmistakable voice guide you through Hintze Hall or treat your eyes to a collection of botanical illustrations from HMS Endeavour. Through 14 digital exhibitions you can also explore the historic architecture of the museum itself allowing you to notice even the smallest detail that you’d probably miss if you saw it in person.

The Metropolitan Museum

If you fancy travelling a little further afield, you can enjoy the art The Metropolitan Museum in New York City offers its patrons direct from your home. This includes MetCollects a celebration of the new and thought-provoking pieces added to the museum. This is done by looking at these works through the eyes of the artists themselves. You’re invited to uncover new stories behind the artist and what inspires their wider works.

You can also transport yourself to the breathtaking grounds of The Metropolitan Museum with The Met 360° Project. In this award-winning series of six videos, you are given the opportunity to immerse yourself and travel through The Met both at its busiest and most eerily quiet. You can view the videos on YouTube via your laptop or device, be sure to have a set of headphones with you and turn the volume up so you can get the full experience.

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