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Could your freelance career benefit from a short course?

Jorge GarcÍa Valero,
Written by
Yusuf Tamanna
Published date
13 January 2020

Working freelance in any industry presents its own set of challenges, but for Jorge Gacía Valero – who has been working as a freelance stylist and content producer in Madrid for almost 2 years – being freelance within the fashion world means he needs to always stay one step ahead of everyone else.

Prior to doing the Fashion Marketing and Fashion Content Marketing courses at Central Saint Martins, Jorge tells me of his glittering resume of work experience.

“I’ve worked as Fashion Director of T Magazine Spain (The New York Times Style Magazine) and Senior Fashion Editor of Spain Media Magazines Company, with titles like T Spain, Forbes Spain and Tapas Magazine.”

Jorge continues: “My main responsibilities have been to create a coherent fashion content for print and digital channels in every title, with creative and art direction in different shoots and editorials, as well as stylist and art buyer points of view. On top of that, I have to be a great ambassador of the different magazines I work for and sustain good PR and different clients.”

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With such a strong and diverse work history, it would seem he had no reason to do a short course to add to his skillset. However, he admits that being spread so thin professionally has its drawbacks.

“Nowadays, being freelance is such a complicated thing. My day-to-day has practically been reduced to constantly researching references, images, styles and trends. All the while training my creative eye and taste to better the content I produce.”

Jorge says he was motivated to do these short courses because of the demanding nature of his profession. It would give him an edge and an opportunity to refine a lot of the skills he has developed over the last 2 years.

“Truthfully, I’ve always wanted to be part of this University, as in my opinion I think it's one of the best talent pools in fashion and design around the world.”

He says taking the courses has given him a framework to work with and a way to consolidate a lot of his skills, while also developing new ones that will help him work a lot smarter in the future.

“I can now use what I’ve learned to understand what my clients want and need. I am now creating impactful content for everyone,” Jorge tells me.


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