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Student Stories Christmas School Winner: Erika Cule and 100 Drawing Projects

Erika Cule,
Written by
Hamish Chohan
Published date
09 January 2020

It may be a brand new year but we’ve still got some unfinished business from 2019 and that’s to announce our #MyCSM Christmas School competition winner. As ever we absolutely loved seeing the incredible work that took place in our classrooms, studios and workshops over Christmas, but we especially enjoyed the creativity and variety of work being made and posted by Erika Cule.

Today we share Erika's amazing work created on the 100 Drawing Projects short course and congratulate them on winning the prize of a free place on a weekend short course of their choosing.

"During crit [our] course tutor, Rod Judkins, commented along the lines of it looking like a crazy sort of week. He said it, I didn’t."

© Erika Cule

Erika Cule and 100 Drawing Projects

© Erika Cule

Feeling inspired? We think one of Rod Judkins's short courses are the perfect place to start your creative journey in 2020. Delivering 100 Design Projects, 100 Drawing Projects and Developing Your Creativity - all of Rod’s courses are for beginners or more experienced students, and we have places available to book right now for courses starting in the coming weeks. We can't wait to see which courses you choose!

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