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Short Course Exhibition: Fine Art Exhibitors


Written by
Jasmin Woolley-Butler
Published date
03 September 2019

As we countdown to the Chelsea, Camberwell and Wimbledon College of Arts Short Course Exhibition, we’re introducing each of the exhibitors whose artwork will feature in the show. Today we showcase students who have studied one of the short courses in the subject area of fine art.

Name:David Mair
Work title: Block 77
Short Course: Abstract Painting

‘I have been able to apply everything I learned from the course and used this experience to develop ideas around abstract styles of painting and I have experimented with materials such as industrial paints and glass to great effect.’

Name: Lucinda Randell
Work title: Floorplan
Short Course: Abstract Painting

‘On the short course Roger Gill taught us about the use of collage and transparency within abstract painting. My painting makes use of both techniques; it is an abstract depiction of the living and painting space within my small flat.’

Name: Daisy Pyle
Work title: Night Watch
Short Course: Abstract Geometric Painting and Architecture

‘I wanted to create an abstract that reflected the city at night. The painting shows not only light and darkness, but also reflects my anxiety of walking through the city and being watched, touched or lost.’

Name: Julie Sharman
Work title: Hamburg 2
Short Course: Chelsea Open Studio

‘I have gained so many skills from my years of attending the Chelsea Open Studio and I have also gained the confidence to "Have a go" at expressing myself in oils. I have acquired some of the tools to begin to master the possibilities and the potential of the wonderful and exciting medium.’

Name: Angela Huntingdon
Work title: High Rise 2018
Short Course: Chelsea Open Studio

‘When I started attending the courses, I was lacking in confidence and quite uncertain of my techniques. With the assistance of the course tutors I grew in confidence and refined my technique to significantly advance my skills and style. I hugely appreciate both the Chelsea tutors as well as the environment in Chelsea.’

Name: Jane Armstrong
Work title: Chicken on Chintz
Short Course: Chelsea Open Studio

‘I have gained a practical knowledge of colour, different techniques, materials and processes to experiment and develop my creative concepts. Having never painted before, I now have the confidence to paint portraits, abstract work and critique my work to improve my painting.’

Name: Anna Shuttleworth
Work title: A Changing View
Short Course: Oil Painting Level 1

‘I'd never painted with oil paint before and was really interested to learn how control and manipulate it. The photo I used as reference was looking across the Thames near Chelsea College of Art. I wanted to capture the different textures and reflections the evening light caused on the windows, water and wet mud.’

Name: Zakeya Zada
Work title: Sisters
Short Course: Collage to Canvas

‘My main takeaway from the course was the development of my art through first the layering of materials, and later the addition of different materials, such as acrylic paint, to add definition and complete the piece.’

Name: Caroline Holme
Work title: Unchartered Territories
Short Course: Contemporary Fine Art in Practice

‘The tutor took us on a journey of brainstorming, collaboration, using different materials, working within a deadline, and establishing a studio space. This process helped me form the idea for this work and make it in a creative setting. The final critique enabled me see new things in my work in the context of others’ work to the same brief.’

Name: Maria Saoulidou
Work title: Through the Earth
Short Course: Abstract Painting

‘During the creative process of the course, I composed a collage which was developed using painting techniques on canvas creating this artwork. The different elements of the collage were interpreted by creating shapes and forms with the use of acrylic paint on the canvas.’

The Chelsea, Camberwell and Wimbledon Short Course Exhibition will take place alongside the Chelsea MA Summer Show 2019. Please join us to celebrate and gain inspiration from the short course students Journey’s between 6 – 12 September.

Exhibition dates:
6 – 12 September 2019

Opening hours:
Saturday 11am - 4.30pm  |  Sunday closed  | Monday - Thursday 10am - 8pm

Private view:
Friday 6 September  |  6pm – 9pm (last entry 8.40pm)

Chelsea College of Arts
16 John Islip Street