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the interiors of the tate modern you can see two people walking

Utilizing an eye for detail with photography

Published date
09 Dec 2019

Integrating further learning into our lives is essential as we continue to change and grow, building our knowledge for personal development is something we're strong believers of at LCC Short Courses. We have many professionals visit us to up-skill their existing knowledge or to learn something new to help them excel in their area of work. Earlier this year we welcomed Sophie Tolachides from Paris for Architectural Photography, our 3-day intensive led by architectural photography studio duo NAARO.

We caught up with Sophie to talk – learning further within the field of architecture, how she's utilizing her eye for detail with photography and what's next in her going forward...

Tell us about you?

I'm Sophie Tolachides. I currently live in Paris and work in the interior architecture sector. As geographer and thanks to my previous professional experiences, I've had the opportunity to live in various countries. There's always a camera in my hand and I have observed, and captured a diversity of landscapes, cities, with a sensitive eye on details, materials, lights.

Your sensitive eye for details must have proved useful on Architectural Photography – how was the course?

I've had the opportunity to join a few photography courses, but I can say that Architectural Photography was the best ever! The course was very complete in structure and professional throughout. I learned a lot, discovering inspirational architectural photographers, learning about the best equipment for architectural photography, was given advice on shooting, photo editing and the production of final files.

After studying other courses elsewhere, what was it that made you choose the course?  

As I am passionated by both photography and architecture, the topic of the course was perfect! Also, the excellent reputation of UAL – London College of Communication, confirmed my choice.

Exploring Tate Modern, photographs taken on the course

You created some beautiful images during the course...

London is a perfect city for architectural photography, as new buildings are always coming up! During the course, we had the chance to photograph the Tate Modern. I paid attention mainly to details and materials: the bricks of the exterior façade, the concrete of the inside which sublimates the architectural lines, especially the stairs.

So what’s next on your list of skills to learn for professional development?   

I follow courses, mainly for my personal development and I am currently thinking of creating an exhibition! So to move forward, I’d love to follow a course on video/interactive installation...