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Hans Tiley: LCF X CASS Art Further Education Award Winner


Written by
Mariana Jaureguilorda Beltran
Published date
25 June 2019
Hans Tiley entered the 2018 #DRAWFASHION competition run by London College of Fashion and CASS Art.

Hans submitted 6 illustrations and was chosen as the winner of the LCF X CASS Art Further Education Award, against stiff competition with lots of entries. The prize was a 5-day Fashion Drawing course with LCF Short Courses, taught by fashion illustrator Ana Stankovic-Fitzgerald, and a cash prize of £250. We caught-up with Hans to talk about the course and future plans.

Tell us a little bit about your background, and motivation for choosing the Fashion Drawing course as your prize?

I studied a foundation in fine art and then pursued a career in human rights law. I maintained my passion for drawing and painting and after a short career break, decided I wanted to really try and turn this into my profession. Over the last year and a half, I have enrolled myself on a number of courses in order to improve my skills and find my style. I never really thought of myself as someone who would be any good at fashion illustration or that this was a potential career for me, however, a number of the artists I am inspired by, are fashion illustrators so I also had an interest in this art form and wanted to explore it more.

What did you like most about the course?

I think one of the best things about the course has been the other students and getting inspiration from them and how they approach different topics and tasks, this is something you can’t get from learning at home and watching YouTube videos.

What skills did you build on this course?

I have been exposed to different mediums during this course, which I have never tried or thought of trying and learned a new appreciation to the different qualities they can bring to your artwork. I have also learned about different fashion illustrators and how they use these mediums to develop their style and a body of work which has excited me and the creative possibilities for developing my work.

What did you like about studying in London?

I have always lived in or near London and have been working in the city for a number of years. For studying a creative subject London is fantastic, there is so much inspiration and exposure to the arts which you wouldn't get in any other city.

How did you find the teaching on this course?

The teaching was excellent, Ana adapted her teaching to meet our needs giving us structure and rules to push us out of our comfort zone and develop our work and gave us the freedom to explore and experiment.  Her knowledge and experience from the fashion illustration world was also invaluable for someone starting out.

Will the course have an impact on your career?

Yes, the course has helped me develop my style and start to produce a portfolio of work to develop. It has also given me confidence in my work and inspired me to continue pursuing a creative career.

Who would you recommend the course to?

The people on my course were from a mix of backgrounds, some who were already professional illustrators or had studied fashion design and others who like me who are in a different profession but wanted to pursue creative possibilities. I think we have all gained from the course and I think the course is flexible enough to encompass those who don't come from an illustration/design background to those who already have a successful creative career but want to explore different avenues.

Check out more of Hans' work:

Instagram: @hanstiley

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