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Interior Design Students Present at Dezeen’s Virtual Design Festival

Marcella Forster,
Written by
Jasmin Woolley-Butler
Published date
26 May 2020

We are very pleased to announce that the aspiring interior designers from our Module Two short course submitted their final project work to be included in the Dezeen Virtual Design Festival. This runs between April 15 and June 30 and is the first of its kind globally.

Chelsea College of Arts students from our Interior Design - Module Two course, present their work as part of the Virtual Design Festival students and schools initiative. The aim of this is to give a digital platform to students and graduates to host a digital showcase of work during the global pandemic. The esteemed website receives 3 million monthly views, allowing these students to reach a global audience for their work.

Interior Design - Module Two is the second stage in a three part program for aspiring interior designers. This is an intensive and practical course, run over 12 weeks, or in a condensed format over 3 weeks. During the course students build on the knowledge gained in Interior Design - Module One, this time undertaking a commercial project designing a bar or restaurant space. Students will develop new professional skills in surveying, detail drawing, designing staircases, and one-point perspective drawings. By the end of the course, students will have a new-found confidence and the ability to create commercially viable designs and present these professionally. Most students will then progress to Interior Design - Module Three, where there will work on a professional project of their choosing, adding additional skills, such as project management and business skills to equip them for professional practice.

You can view their online showcase until June 30.

Christine Newman

My goal is to fulfill a lifelong desire to live a creative life by extending my profession to encompass interior design; and furthermore, pursuing opportunities to combine technology and interior design. But first, continuing experience as an interior designer!

I’ve always had a passion for product design, architecture, and interior design and chose to start my interior design journey after purchasing my first home - using it as my first canvas. After initially developing my interior design skills at UAL and a desire for more, my goal is to pursue a career change to establish myself as an interior designer and progress towards owning my own design company.

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Cristina Iazzetta

My name is Cristina Iazzetta and I’m 23 years old. I’m Italian and I was born in Naples in a lively and colourful city. Since I was a child I have always loved art in all its forms but in particular, I like the idea of being able to create something unique through the simple use of fantasy.

Growing up I started to love art, design, and architecture so interior design seemed to be the perfect union of these things. I think it's a dream that I always had in my drawer even though I started on a different road, in the end, I came back to this. As an interior designer, you can create something new and unique for each project, it's the perfect job, you never get bored!

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Katrien Goossens

My name is Katrien Goossens. I am interested in arts, design, and culture. My curiosity for the stories behind the projects allows me to offer creative design solutions beyond the obvious.

Over the years, I have designed and managed several projects. People who saw the end results of these projects were often impressed and asked me for advice on how to decorate or renovate their own home or commercial property. To date, I have managed three complete home renovations and was involved in the design of a cafe and commercial property. I have also created a number of concepts and sample boards for clients who are in the early stages of their design.

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Lucy Morgan-Hobbs

I’ve always been interested in interior design and considered it as a profession when I graduated from UCL but was keen to start working rather than continuing to study. After starting out in the brand and marketing world, I soon knew that I really wanted to move into Interior Design and after looking at courses offered by a wide range of universities and colleges, UAL’s 3 part structure looked the most professional and all-encompassing whilst suiting my needs (the ability to take the course around my full-time job).

My professional goal is to change career to become an Interior Designer, and this course has set me up with the tools I need to begin my journey in the profession. Connecting with such a great set of aspiring designers has also created such a fantastic support network of like-minded creative individuals.

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Marcella Forster

I’ve enjoyed a 13+ year career creating new brand concepts, managing product launches, and organising events across different industries. In October 2019, I decided to expand my creative reach and enrolled in the Interior Design course at Chelsea College of Arts.

I believe interior design is equally about creating experiences as our surroundings play a strong part in how we feel. So, transitioning to interior design felt like a natural next step for me. This course has given me a new set of skills as well as the confidence to make the career shift.

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Maria Pia Polizzi

I completed my BA in Architecture in Italy and I have always found myself fascinated about interiors. Since I moved to London - I found out about the short courses, which are a perfect fit if for a full time workers, I decided to follow my passion and see if this fascination could become my main career path.

For me, spaces should represent and express the narratives of the people who inhabit them. I apply an eye for detail and love for simplicity to open space, garden and interior design projects, with a focus on practicality and a "less is more" approach.

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Mary Curran

I qualified as a doctor in 2011 and have worked in the NHS ever since, until deciding earlier this year to take a career break. From a young age, I have always been artistically minded and creative, which over the years has manifested itself in curating timeless, unique, and grounding spaces where I live.

I believe that a good designer has the ability to really listen to the client; to what they want, and what they need, and primarily who they are.

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Svetlana Kutnyak

Three years ago I decided to follow my dream of becoming an interior designer and I have been studying it since. I have taken courses in Russia and decided to continue my education in London.

I moved to London just a year ago and it wasn't easy for me but I do believe that getting interior design education here was probably the most beneficial for me so far.

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