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5 reasons you should take Leather Glove Making Workshop

White leather gloves on a desk, being work one, surrounded by material and equipment.

5 reasons you should take Leather Glove Making Workshop

Written by Hamish Chohan
Published date 08 October 2019

We recently caught up with Leather Glove Making Workshop tutor, Riina Õun. Watch the video below to find out why she is teaching such old and wonderful techniques, how the course is structured, what students who have attended the course think and why this is the perfect new course for you!

Top 5 reasons you should take this course

1. Learn the old craft of making gloves, which is currently on the verge of extinction.

2. The decorative stitching techniques acquired at this workshop can be adapted to use in other areas of fashion, leather craft and textile design.

3. Make your own design of gloves which fit perfectly to your hands.

4. Meet some wonderful people on the course.

5. Help to resuscitate the tradition of making and wearing beautiful hand-crafted leather gloves.

Riina Õun and Leather Glove Making Workshop

Riina started her brand, Riina O, five years ago choosing to concentrate on one product group - luxurious leather gloves.

We asked Riina the inspiration behind starting this new short course and she said,

“Recently I have noticed that the craft of hand making gloves is on the verge of extinction, which is why I have started teaching a glove making workshop, to carry on the traditional skills.”

The Leather Glove Making Workshop returns in the new year, Spring Term, and spaces are available to book today. See you there!

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