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Course Feature: Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign


Written by
Jasmin Woolley-Butler
Published date
22 October 2019

This week we’re taking an in-depth look at our Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign short course. This comprehensive 5-day course which will give you a sound introduction to 3 leading industry-standard software programmes.

By the end of the 5-days, you'll understand design principles, the dynamics of composition and colour, and the technical issues surrounding print and web distribution. You'll gain an overarching understanding of how and when to use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.

The course is ideal for those in creative industries; whether you are currently studying a communication or design subject, looking to master the software for your start-up or a new creative venture, or if you are looking to up-skill for use in your workplace or to aid progression.

Day-by-day on a typical session of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

Day 1

In the morning you will be introduced to Adobe InDesign - the number one program for designers wishing to prepare documents for layouts for print, publication and web. This introduction will include a presentation and an exercise to familiarise you with the principles of design and layout, introducing you to InDesign’s workspace along with the most useful tools and palettes. In the afternoon you will undertake a carefully designed exercise which will familiarise key functions and tools, as well as learning about saving and output options for print and web applications.

Day 2

On your second morning, you will meet Adobe Photoshop - the premier application for digital image editing, ideal for those wishing to create composite images and enhance or edit photographs and graphic imagery. You will learn about the powerful capabilities of the program through a presentation, you will apply this through some practical tasks lead by your tutor. In the afternoon you will work on another set of exercises that will allow you to get comfortable with the workspace, tools and features of the program as well as useful techniques.

Day 3

Now, it’s time to get to know Adobe Illustrator - the industry standard for creating vector-based graphics, the go-to program for designing logos, icon and digital illustration. The tutor will take you through the fundamentals during a presentation, explaining the most commonly used tools, pallets and features along with tasks to help cement this learning. In the afternoon, you will be undertake a project that will aim to familiarise you with key illustrator tools and techniques within the application.

Day 4

The power of 3 - today you will find out how the three applications you have learned about work seamlessly together. Your tutor will assign you an individual project, this will focus on using each programme, demonstrating how powerful and useful the suite is for many applications and outputs.

Day 5

On the final day of the course you will continue with your project, gaining experience and becoming more confident with the interface and tools of each workspace. In the afternoon you’ll work to complete your project and then each student will present what they have made, giving you a chance to talk about and receive feedback on what you have done and be inspired by what others have created.

Student reviews

“I learned so many valuable skills that I’ll be able to apply at work.” - 2019

“A good range of tasks for both beginners and experienced users of the software.” - 2019

“The tutor was brilliant and I’m very pleased with the new skills I’ve learned.” - 2018

“Everyone on the course got individual attention from the tutor” - 2018