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5 reasons to take a Future Creatives course

  • Written byYusuf Tamanna
  • Published date 01 October 2022

At Future Creatives, our goal is to equip young students with a creative and artistic outlet outside of the classroom that will help them develop long-lasting transferrable skills for their GCSE's, A-Levels and beyond.

Our inspiring and dynamic art classes are provided across the UK:

  • Online
  • After School
  • On Saturdays
  • During school holidays

Future Creatives tutor René de Lange's 5 top reasons to take a Future Creatives course!

  1. Pushing your creative boundaries and using new techniques and methods, really helps you grow as an artist
  2. Meeting other creative people could lead to amazing collaborations one day
  3. Immersing yourself in your creative passion outside of school, really gives you the time and space to develop your ideas and dreams in more detail outside of the school environment
  4. Having the expertise of artists and designers at hand as part of Future Creatives is a really valuable resource in giving you some industry experience for your future career. You might get in contact with a creative career you had never considered before
  5. Doing art in your spare time can be incredibly relaxing and mindful during these changing times. Art and drawing can really be a form of meditation and relaxation

If you want to learn more about how art classes can support the young people in your life, our It's never too early to start: art classes for kids and teenagers article breaks down how and why classes that celebrate and nurture each student's creative flair will help them boost their confidence and develop skills for life.

We also sat down with René for a longer conversation about why she got involved in Future Creatives and what advice she has for the next generation of artists.

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