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Upskill in a day – one day short courses in London

Published date
13 Feb 2020
Megan St Clair Morgan

As workloads get bigger, and we're increasingly stretched for time at work, a one-day course could be the perfect top up for professional development. We offer a large selection of one-day short courses which offer an intensive day of learning for you to take your skills to the next level – whether that be in marketing, data visualisation, advertising or copywriting.

With a range of courses offering different learning experiences we've rounded up some of our one day courses which give an a short, sharp insight and opportunity for you to develop, learn and experiment in your chosen area.

Words make or break a campaign, whether you connect with your customers through social media, email or newsletters. On this one day intensive course, you will be introduced to the tools and tricks of effective copywriting through a series of practical and creative exercises.

Learn how to use effective colour management to work to high standards and deadlines and how to improve the workflow systems you use, to deliver consistent reproduction of high quality files. This course will give you confidence in your knowledge, and ensure you're best positioned to deliver an excellent service to your clients. It is ideal for photographers, designers and printers who manage file workflow and colour management.

Allow us to introduce you to the creative possibilities of code – leave with the ability to create simple products yourself and work confidently with developers on more complex projects. An understanding of code is an essential skill these days, but HTML can seem intimidating and confusing. This course is straightforward and practical. You’ll begin by learning the logic behind programming languages, with a focus on HTML and CSS. You’ll have the chance to apply theory to practice as you create digital banners and email formats.

Gain an intensive overview of how advertising creatives approach a brief from a client and the chance to develop your own ideas into a campaign. You will be given a detailed brief and instructed to develop a campaign across art direction, copywriting and digital media (videos and online banner advertising), then you will pitch your concepts and explain your approach to the rest of the group. It's fun, challenging and enjoyable – working individually and in small teams, you'll learn how to challenge conventional thinking and train your brain to work in new ways.

At its best, data visualisation works quickly, conveying complex information persuasively and in an engaging way. On this short course, you will establish an appropriate narrative and format for your audience, it's been designed for professionals who have some experience of working with data visualisation and want to deepen their understanding of user centric infographic storytelling approaches and techniques. Working with a live data set and a user-centric process you will wireframe visualisations for a range of audiences. You have the chance explore a range of storytelling methods and formats used in data visualisation to create memorable visuals.

LinkedIn is currently growing at a staggering rate with 20 million UK subscribers and one new user per second. This course is designed to give you a step-by-step guide in building your brand awareness through LinkedIn. Giving you the opportunity to use LinkedIn to facilitate effective marketing brand awareness, knowledge transfer and customer engagement in a supportive environment. By the end of the course you will discover the foundations of producing a compelling profile and tools to build strong networks that will raise your brand profile. Through a series of workshop exercises you will gain the knowledge and techniques to become an advanced user, propel your organisation's LinkedIn marketing activity and increase your brand engagement.