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Student Stories: Matis Swann, Visual Merchandising

Written by
Sharon Holland
Published date
08 March 2019

Matis Swann took our Visual Merchandising course, which led to new things! Read about Matis' journey below.

Matis Swann stood in front of a house doorway.

Student Stories: Matis Swann, Visual Merchandising

Which course did you take at LCF?

Visual Merchandising Short Course, taught by Lucy London

Tell us a little bit about your background, and your motivation for choosing the course?

After graduating in advertising & brand management, I wanted to combine my big passions: interior design and retail. In Visual Merchandising you can create a world. It combines artistic and practical elements.

Why did you choose to study with LCF?

What drew me to LCF was mainly its great reputation and the option of a short course, which worked really well with working life.

What did you like most about the course?

My tutor, Lucy London, went above and beyond to take us out into the real world and give us insights into the industry. This included trips to actual stores, visiting a VM trade show and final projects that entailed the creation of a VM concept for a retailer of each student’s choice.

Moreover, my own final project for Liberty London helped me to score an internship there, which was a dream come true.

What skills did you build on this course?

-Being able to go crazy with ideas and then carefully selecting what actually can be done.

-Being able to create floor plans, graphics and concept boards in order to brainstorm and communicate ideas.

-Presenting and pitching concepts in a way that is both comprehensive and exciting.

-It gave me a great overview over the field of Visual Merchandising as well as detailed insights.

What did you like best about studying in London?

The opportunity to go out, see and be inspired by this vibrant city.

Working together with like minded people.

Who would you recommend the course to?

Anyone who has a love for designing spaces and the retail industry.

What are you doing now, and how did the short course at LCF impact on your career/studies?

Using social media (Matis Swann on Youtube & Instagram) as a platform, I am working on creating my own brand where I combine interior design, well being and beauty.

The Visual Merchandising course sharpened my presenting skills, taught me how to design the sets for my videos and photos and helped me to turn my vision into reality.

Find out more about Matis and his work:

Instagram: Matis.Swann