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Concept boards for interior designers - Lyndall Fernie

interior design concept board
interior design concept board

Written by
Kathy Coleman
Published date
11 June 2020

The Concept board is very likely to be the first piece of work that an Interior Designer will produce for a client, so it has to be perfect. Join Lyndall Fernie as she looks at what a concept board is, how designers use them and shares tips on how to create concept boards with impact. Lyndall will discuss how to chose the appropriate concept or mood for a particular client, even when the client themselves are not sure what they want.

Lyndall has been working as an Interior design consultant for private clients, developers, and interior design companies, specialising in the remodelling of high-end residential properties for over 25 years. Previously she worked as a Fashion designer in Italy and then in PR for a record company until she decided that Interior design was the most fulfilling of these three careers. As well as teaching at Chelsea College of Arts, both in London and in Dubai, she has also taught at several other leading design schools and is passionate about imparting her knowledge to people who seriously want to immerse themselves in the world of design.

June 30, 12 midday.

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