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Student Stories: Tamara Vázquez, Fashion Design: Intensive

Written by
Mariana Jaureguilorda Beltran
Published date
29 November 2019

Tamara Vazquez joined our Fashion Design Course back in 2017. With a background in Law and Business Retail Development, she changed her career path and founded her own bespoke bridalwear business “Romancera”.

We caught up with her and spoke about making the leap and pursuing what you love.

When Tamara got married, she designed her own wedding dress and completely fell in love with the process: exploring techniques, fabrics, and textiles. Her two good friends helped her and are now working alongside her as studio director and pattern cutter for Romancera.

Her main goal: to redefine bridalwear, break away from the tired and repetitive trends and reclaim the importance of bespoke couture.

“I’m not interested in mass-production, I want each piece to be beautifully crafted, unique and timeless.”

Romancera's designs

With sustainability and quality at heart, she uses organically sourced materials: silk, linen and cotton and stays away from polyester, viscose, acetate, and triacetate. She also upcycles vintage textiles. Romancera looks to bring attention back to bespoke couture, a practice that slowly started to disappear with mass-production and fast fashion.

“Working with brides is a privilege. Being part of such an important moment in someone's life is very special. I love it and have no plans to branch out...”

Aside from her clear success and being featured in Vogue Spain and Harper’s Bazaar, she remains grounded saying “success to me is being able to do what I love and enduring over time.”

Tamara lived in London for a year and didn’t hesitate to come back here to study fashion.

“I love London, it’s one of my favourite cities. It’s authentic, creative and full of life.”

Choosing London College of Fashion was a no brainer.

“When I decided to study fashion, l knew LCF offered the best combination of practice and theory and that it encourages students to work on their projects and at their own pace. This for me was key when deciding on where to study.”

She looks back to her times at LCF saying:

“Having the chance to study at LCF was very special for me. Our tutor, Carlyn McGuire, was amazing. She was firm but also gave us a lot of freedom to explore. The whole experience was encouraging, inspiring and empowering. I received a lot of support which boosted my confidence.”

Tamara's time at LCF

Romancera has now expanded from Madrid to Paris where her most iconic designs are available upon request. She insists on keeping her design bespoke and unique, true to her ideals. She draws inspiration for her designs from art movements like the renaissance, impressionism, and romanticism. But also, movies, photography, and music.

She wants to break away from the idea that all brides should look the same.

“Bridalwear trends tend to be generic and long-lasting, no one dares to challenge the traditional looks.”

Romancera looks to turn bridalwear into fashion- steering away from simple traditional dresses. They explore different techniques for pattern and garment making as well as fabrics- “we are like a laboratory.”

Her advice to designers looking to start their clothing line:

“Follow your instincts and do what you like to do. It’s your business, take that risk. Don’t be afraid to take a risk, ask for help and work hard! If it’s your passion, you will make it work.”

Check-out Romancera and follow her on Instagram.

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