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Introduction to Interior Design Part 2 Short Course

Course description

Through a series of lectures, workshops and demonstrations you will become more confident and adventurous as you incorporate your newfound techniques to construct a completely new design scheme for a domestic interior.

You will be guided through the use of colour, soft furnishings and lighting and by the end of the course, you will have completed a portfolio of work to communicate your design knowledge professionally with future clients.

Please note: The majority of the classes will be delivered in person at Chelsea College of Arts, with the CAD lessons being online. This allows students to practise the CAD lessons by rewatching the recordings.

Please note that this course requires dedication; students should therefore allocate time to work on their projects in their own time. Students taking the intensive classes will be expected to work on their projects every day including the days that they are not attending class.

Course outcomes

By the end of this course, you'll have the confidence to start work on an interior design scheme by yourself. You will leave the course with a number of newfound design-related skills. Students may wish to progress to Interior Design Modules Two and then Three.

Who should attend

Designed to build on the skills learnt on the Introduction to Interior Design - Part 1, this course will develop your knowledge and introduce you to a number of new skills. After successfully completing the course, you'll be ready to progress to Modules Two and then Three. If you haven't completed Introduction to Interior Design - Part 1, but have studied Interior Design before, please contact the Short Course unit for an assessment before booking. Students need to have mastered the CAD methods taught during PART 1.


Courses are typically taught by one or more of the tutors.

Please note: This course is for students aged 18 and older

Clear, easy to understand lessons:

  • Our tutors will explain things in easy to understand, accessible English. If they need to use any special terminology they will make sure they explain what they mean.
  • New methodologies will be explained or demonstrated
  • We also offer learning resources for you to access outside of the classroom

All our on campus courses include:

  • Networking opportunities and the chance to share ideas with students from across the globe
  • Access to the technology and materials relevant to your discipline
  • Access to our college shops for any materials you might need
  • The chance to ask questions to your tutor in real time
  • Feedback and critique on your assignments
  • The opportunity to experience the many sights of London on your down time

All our online short courses include:

  • Live and interactive online lessons with classmates from around the world
  • Lesson recordings, for review, so you never have to miss a class 
  • Access to the virtual learning environment with course content 
  • Forums for support 
  • 2 weeks online access to the recordings of the live classroom sessions 
  • The opportunity to ask questions to your tutor in real time 

A certificate of completion:

  • You've put the work in so we want to make sure you have something to show for it! 
  • As long as you attend a minimum of 80% of your classes, we will provide you with a certificate of attendance.  
  • However, we always recommend you attend all of the classes so that you get the most out of the experience!  
  • Certificates are a great addition to your CV. 

Available dates

It can take a few moments for our course dates to load - if there are no available dates, please contact our customer service team who will help you find a course or email you when new dates become available.
Make an enquiry or call us on 0207 514 7015.


Topics covered

  • Computer added design using Vectorworks
  • Plan and section drawings at scale 1:50
  • Further CAD rendering techniques
  • Colour
  • Lighting
  • Soft furnishing
  • Stairs

On this course you will gain technical CAD skills delivered via live online teaching elements.


On campus materials:

Please bring the following materials on the first day of the course:

  • A pen and notepad for taking notes
  • A laptop with a minimum of 8GB RAM (only required from lesson 3 onwards)
  • Vectorworks Designer Student Version 2024.

To access the current version of the Vectorworks software you will need to create a 3 month student account. Please visit the Vectorworks Student Portal to create your account.

For lesson 2 onsite, please bring:

  • A scale ruler with scales 1:20 and 1:50
  • A pencil and eraser

Online materials:

To take part in the Online sessions you will need:

  • An up-to-date web browser (we recommend Chrome)
  • Microphone and headphones (a headset with a microphone function is recommended. The built-in microphone in your device would also be fine).
  • Webcam
  • Strong Internet connection - we recommend a minimum of 2 Mbps download, and 1 Mbps upload, faster if possible. You can test your network speed here -
  • Vectorworks Designer Student Version - 2024

To access the current version of the Vectorworks software you will need to create a 3 month student account. Please visit the Vector Works Student Portal to create your account.

Please be advised that basic experience of vectorworks is necessary if you are studying this course.

Students should check their countries coverage to ensure they can access Vector works.

Vectorworks' licence only covers select global areas and unfortunately some international students may be located in areas where the software license does not currently extend (global coverage map here -

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With the essential design skills already mastered in Introduction to Interior Design - Part 1, Introduction to Interior Design - Part 2 will continue to consolidate and extend your interior design experience of a residential interior.

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