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Sponsors and pro-forma invoices

We can provide an invoice for tuition fees when:

  • your employer or another organisation agrees to sponsor you
  • you need a pro-forma invoice so you can access funds to pay your tuition fees.


Please note: parents, family and friends are not considered to be sponsors. If they assist with your fees, you are self-financing and must pay the fees directly.

If your employer or another organisation agrees to pay all or part of your tuition fees, UAL will invoice them for the appropriate amount.

They must provide UAL with the following information, either by an official letter on company headed paper and signed by an authorised person, or an official signed purchase order:

  • your full name (and University Student ID number if known)
  • the amount of tuition fees they will pay and the academic year
  • the name of a responsible individual, organisation and address to whom the invoice should be sent
  • a reference (or purchase order number) to be quoted (if applicable).

You must upload a copy of the letter or purchase order when completing the tuition fees payment section during the online registration step of enrolment.

Important terms

It is important you understand:

  • UAL reserves the right to not accept a sponsor
  • UAL reserves the right to not accept a sponsor’s letter or purchase order if the necessary information is not complete
  • a new letter or purchase order is required for each academic year of study
  • invoices will be raised within 21 days of enrolment
  • full payment is due within 30 days of receipt of invoice.

If your sponsor fails to pay, or withdraws their support at any point in the year, you are still responsible for any outstanding fees and UAL will hold you liable for this amount.

Pro-forma invoice

If you need to provide your regulator with a pro-forma invoice in order to access funds to pay your tuition fees, just login to your UAL Portal and then:

  • head to the ‘my Funding and Finance’ section
  • go to ‘my Finance’
  • choose the ‘Request pro-forma invoice’ option
  • when the pro-forma invoice displays, select the ‘Show PDF’ button to download it.

When you have your pro-forma invoice, the best way to make your payment is via the UAL Portal using our payment processing partner called Flywire. You'll be given the option to upload the document.

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