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Our shared spaces are hubs of interdisciplinary collaboration; places to share ideas, problem solve, and make new friends. The specialist workshops are the backbone of our courses, providing a place for students to make and create, with technicians on hand to share their expertise. Student access to workshops is based on a system of Core and Additional Users.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students please note:

To use the workshops at King's Cross, please find links for access, opening times, inductions, how-to guides and other information on CSM Technical Moodle. You will need to use your UAL email address to login.

Foundation students:

You can find information on Archway workshops and technical resources on your course Moodle pages - log in using your UAL email address.

Our facilities include:

General | Print | 3D Make | Materials | Digital | Fashion and Textiles | Performance | Media | Photography | Surface and Bio | Archway


  • Judy Willcocks, Head of the Museum and Study Collection at Central Saint Martins, showing students a paper archive

    Museum & Study Collection

    The Museum & Study Collection tells the story of Central Saint Martins’ rich history.

  • Bike being stored in the bike shed at Central Saint Martins

    Bike storage

    We have 276 bicycle parking spaces monitored by CCTV, which are available for students and staff to use.

  • Inside the canteen at Central Saint Martins


    With a focus on health and sustainability, the CSM canteen offers meals cooked with local ingredients.

  • Wires hung up on a wall inside Central Saint Martins' Central Loan Store

    Central Loan Store

    Our Central Loan Store provides students with a wide range of loan equipment to support their learning and making.

  • People walking through the Street at Central Saint Martins

    Central Saint Martins Student Centre

    The Central Saint Martins Student Centre is located on the ground floor at our King’s Cross site.

  • Students working at tables inside Central Saint Martins' Library

    Learning Zone

    The Learning Zone provides technology-rich workspaces to encourage creative thinking and collaborative working.

  • Lethaby Gallery

    The Lethaby Gallery is dedicated to the creative talents of students, staff and alumni of Central Saint Martins.

  • A student reading a book in the library


    Central Saint Martins Library provides students with a range of resources and services to support their learning and research.

  • Rows of seats facing a screen in the LVMH Lecture Theatre at Central Saint Martins

    LVMH Lecture Theatre

    The LVMH Lecture Theatre is located opposite the canteen on the Street and hosts a wide range of events and lectures throughout the year.

  • A woman looking at materials hung on a wall

    Materials and Products Collection

    The Materials and Products Collection is a collection of new and innovative materials that represent current trends in design and manufacturing.

  • students performing in the theatre

    Platform Theatre

    The Platform Theatre complex at Central Saint Martins comprises four performance spaces and a bar.

  • The Platform Theatre Bar

    Platform Bar

    Students, staff and the general public are all welcome in the Platform Bar.

  • A black circular sign fastened to a wall that reads

    Quiet space

    Quiet spaces are available for prayer, personal reflection, health requirements, breastfeeding and rest.

  • Plants and flowers in containers on a roof

    Roof terrace

    The roof terrace is an outdoor space with a garden maintained by the Green Roof Society, including a dye garden where plants are grown to extract natural dyes for use in our print and dye studio.

  • A stainless steel show sign fixed to a door


    Showers are available for all Central Saint Martins students to use.

  • People milling in the Street

    The Street

    The Street is a large, open-plan area at the centre of Central Saint Martins' King’s Cross campus.

  • an air stream with students milling around


    Using the SWAP SHOP can help you to save money and the environment. You can donate or take materials away for free during our opening hours.


  • People using the letterpress at Central Saint Martins


    The Letterpress workshop is focused on typography, type composition and traditional printing techniques.

  • A wall filled with printed posters in front of which is a row of desks each with a computer

    Digital Print

    The Digital Print workshop allows CSM students to output their work through inkjet, thermal wax, laser, eco UV and eco solvent printers.

  • Students working at a printing press


    The Printmaking facility is based around four core areas of traditional printmaking techniques: silkscreen, lithography, etching and relief printing.

  • Publications

    The Publications workshop offers digital print production facilities and a bindery workshop to help CSM students to produce book projects and short-run publications (multiple copies).

3D Make

  • A large wooden construction on display in a workshop at Central Saint Martins

    3D Make: Wood

    The 3D Make: Wood workshops include fixed machines, hand tools and power tools that facilitate student making from a range of disciplines and needs.

  • A student welding in the metal workshop

    3D Make: Metal

    3D Make: Metal includes a metal fabrication workshop and a Metal workshop that is part of the 3D Make workshops.

  • A white shell shaped object on a worktop

    Digital Fabrication Bureau

    The Digital Fabrication Bureau is equipped for student making, utilising 3D printing, CNC milling, laser cutting and 3D scanning.

  • Machinery inside the General Spray Plastic workshop at Central Saint Martins

    General Spray and Plastic

    This consists of a workshop that lies in between the Wood and Metal Workshop and is equipped with basic machines for drilling, cutting and sanding as well as vacuum formers and a plastics oven.


  • An object covered in lilac liquid


    In these workshops we carry out a variety of casting activities employing a wide range of materials.

  • Students in the jewellery workshop


    These workshops aim to produce a wide range of high quality Jewellery for both industrial and craft-based production.

  • A spray can with yellow paint coming out of it


    The Paint/Surface workshop is an open access workshop for students wanting to achieve a greater understanding of painting processes and technique, paint finishes and spray finishes.

  • Students working with clay and ceramic pieces on display inside the Ceramics Workshop at Central Saint Martins


    The Ceramics workshops aim to produce a wide range of high quality ceramic goods for both industrial and craft-based production.


  • A student sat at a an iMac

    Digital Media

    The Digital Media facility provides a variety of digital learning spaces that support both taught sessions and open access.

  • Rows of computers on desks

    Advanced Digital Projects

    The Advanced Digital Projects workshop is designed to support students working on advanced digital and electronic projects that are time dependent and may require space.

  • A room with people working at computers


    The main CAD facility provides a variety of digital learning spaces that support both taught sessions and open access.

Fashion and Textiles

  • A selection of coloured yarns on spools


    The Knit workshop is focused on knitted textiles and fashion knitwear.

  • A student using a loom


    The Weave workshop is focused on designing and making a wide variety of fabrics and structures for an array of applications.

  • Students working at sewing machines

    Fashion studios

    The Fashion Studios are focused on pattern cutting and garment construction.


  • Students in the costume store


    The Costume workshop supports courses in the Performance Programme and is divided into two areas: the Costume Studio and the Costume Store.

  • Photograph of large bright lights on the ceiling backstage of the Black Lab at Central Saint Martins

    Black and White Labs

    The Black and White Labs are ideal for students who want to explore experimental performance work and practice theatre stagecraft.

  • A person setting up backstage at the Studio Theatre at Central Saint Martins

    Studio Theatre

    The Studio Theatre is an ideal space to showcase student performances and offers an exciting teaching environment for students and practitioners.

  • Tins of paint on a worktop

    Theatre Assembly

    The Theatre Assembly workshop is designed for very light set construction and scenic assemblage.


  • A dark room with an iMac and lighting

    Film and video

    The film and video workshop is focused on film, video and sound production as well as post-production.

  • Inside the animation studio at Central Saint Martins


    The animation studio is a single, open-plan studio with tables and seating suitable for drawing and small group project work.

Surface and Bio

  • Students working in a lab wearing white coats

    Grow Lab

    In the Grow Lab students are exposed to scientific principles, experimental design, and the profound sense of wonder that comes from studying the natural world.

  • A student working with material at a table

    Surface Design Lab

    The Surface Design Lab workshop is focused on surface design for fashion and textiles.

  • A student in the print and dye workshop

    Print and Dye

    The Print and Dye workshops focus on applying colour and pattern to fabrics or yarns, through screen-printing, heat transfer printing (traditional and digital) and dyeing.


  • A photography studio


    The photography studios at CSM comprises photographic studios, a darkroom for B&W printing and processing and digital scanning/retouching facilities.


  • inside a woodwork workshop at Central Saint Martins

    Archway campus

    Our Archway campus features open-access studios and workshops that are filled with natural light.

  • A pair of hands using a blowtorch on a small square piece of metal

    Casting and metal workshop (Archway)

    The Casting workshop is focused on mould making, casting and object making in plaster, clay, resin and other materials.

  • A close up of a knitting machine

    Fashion and Textiles (Archway)

    The Fashion and Textiles workshop is focused on the production of garments, samples and art work from materials that can be sewn, knitted or woven.

  • A student cutting wood with a circular saw

    Wood and Plastics (Archway)

    From course projects to degree show pieces, the wood workshop is focused on realising student’s ideas and helping them to produce them.

  • Students working at computers

    Digital Media (Archway)

    The Digital Media Workshop is an open-access computer area that provides all students with a space to work on their digital projects, as well as offering taught sessions across a range of different technical disciplines.