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Graphic Communication Design programme


GCD Transmissions Podcast

How are leading graphic communication design practitioners thinking and working in this new unsettled climate? What are the implications for educators and students of graphic communication in this expanded field?

GCD Transmissions is a podcast created and produced by the Graphic Communication Design department at Central Saint Martins. Hosted by design writer and BA Graphic Design Course Leader,  Dr. Peter Hall, Transmissions seeks to answer these questions and more through a series of interviews with exciting designers from around the world. Transmissions releases a new episode every two weeks, listen to those available below.

Graphic Communication Design Programme stories

  • Bringing the boing

    Bringing the boing

    The visual identity for Central Saint Martins' end-of-year show focuses on collective energy and joy. We speak to the BA Graphic Communication Design student team behind it.

  • Class of 2021: Plural
    Paula Camiña Eiras, MA Biodesign

    Class of 2021: Plural

    On the Graduate Showcase you'll find a collection of work by students who place collaboration at the centre of their creative practice. Here, we pause on three projects that rely on connection and codesign.

  • Collected conversations
    Lois Innes, Closer to Home, M ARCH: Architecture

    Collected conversations

    In a new series of podcasts, Terrence Phearse, MA Culture, Criticism and Curation alum, explores recent additions to the Central Saint Martins Museum & Study Collection. These works, by 2020 graduates, reflect on social justice, mental health and

  • In bloom

    In bloom

    The visual identity for this year’s Graduate Showcase uses machine learning to create emerging translations of the word “bloom”. We talk to the team of graduating BA Graphic Communication Design students behind the work.