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Window Galleries 2017

Take a look back through the Window Galleries' 2017 exhibition archive.

MA Fashion Communication and Promotion

5 November - 2 January 2017

This exhibition showcased the work of the work of final year MA Fashion Communication and Promotion students; Bianca Batson, Lily Bling, Kexin Li, Em Qin Peng, Lea Sorli, Azra Sudetic and Sangwha Yim.

Imagining CERN: MA Art and Science present a creative journey to the heart of particle physics

10 November 2017 - 3 January 2018

Students and physicists collided during a collaborative and investigative visit to CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research. In response, the MA Art and Science students have created works to communicate their experiences and insights, which not only celebrate the true diversity of skills they have to offer, but capture the zeitgeist of CERN and its cultural significance in the 21st century.


7 November 2017 - 3 January 2018

This exhibition showcased some of Afterall’s recent publications including David Hammons: Bliz-aard Ball Sale from the One Work series, Anti-Shows: APTART 1982–84 from the Exhibition Histories series and issue 44 of the journal Afterall.

Makeright: Making bags to make good

22 September - 31 October 2017

This display presented a collection of anti-theft bags designed by prisoners from HMP Thameside, London and Sabarmati Central Jail, Ahmedabad, India.

Faces of Mustang

8 August - 7 September 2017

On the eve of the US election Marcus Bastel travelled through 26 states taking portraits of Mustang owners and talking to them about their cars, and life in general. This exhibition presented the resulting photographs.

CSM Short Courses

5 July - 4 September 2017

Students from around the world study at Central Saint Martins on short courses taught by academic staff and alumni in our state-of-the art studios, to learn a new skill, focus on personal or professional development or to experiment with trying something new. This exhibition highlighted the talent of a few of the Short Courses tutors.

Home is where the Heart is

5 July - 2 August 2017

This exhibition showcased diverse notions of belonging materialised through textile projects from TFRC researchers based at Central Saint Martins. Exhibition pieces ranged from wallpaper archaeology discovered in domestic East London settings, to inter-woven London underground travel patterns as well as unexpected transformations of fly–tipped chairs and a T-shirts pop up shop designed by Crisis members.

Six Branch: Crossing borders with stitches

14 February - 16 March 2017

Six Branch is a collaboration between BA Textile Design students from Central Saint Martins and the Women in Hebron embroidery cooperative in Palestine. Here, contemporary design and traditional skills were combined to cross borders with stitches.

Visible Faces in White Spaces

24 March - 24 April 2017

This collaborative project which aims to celebrate the People of Colour (PoC) who study and work at UAL. The exhibition was been inspired by Rhian Spencer's work Black Faces in White Spaces. Shades of Noir (SoN) brought together portraits which draw emphasis to the diverse population of UAL, and more importantly, attention to the change makers within the institution.

London/ Paris: EUROPE

21 March - 27 April 2017

London / Pairs is a collaborative project between Central Saint Martins and The Paris College of Art Foundation programmes resulting in dual international exhibitions showcasing work created. This year students created work around the theme of Europe, works included film, photography, jewellery, fashion, textiles, graphics, sculpture and mixed media pieces.

Objects That Talk: Design Stories from the Product Ceramic and Industrial Design Programme

20 March - 28 April 2017

This exhibition brought together a variety of objects and artefacts chosen among current Product Ceramic and Industrial Design programme staff and alumni's personal collections, telling evocative stories about design where the professional is mixed with the personal.

David Usborne: The Art of Useful Things

20 March - 28 April 2017

This display presented a collection of objects donated to UAL by David Usborne, a retired architect and teacher of design (formerly a lecturer in the history of design at the Central School , Southampton Row). The objects, most of which can be seen at, are utilitarian and anonymous and will be of interest to designers and sculptors both because of the puzzle of their function (which is not always obvious), and the elegance of their form.

Fashion in the Passage of Time

15 February - 17 March 2017

Here we presented a selection of films offering contrasting perspectives on fashion, time and the moving image – from recordings of the manufacturing process to explorations of chronology, metamorphosis and fantasy, to moments when dress and artifice come to embody the very fabric of time. This exhibition was a part of ‘Wearing Time: Past, Present, Future, Dream’, a London-wide season of film events marking the Fashion in Film Festival’s 10th anniversary.

Campaigning – 25 years' worth

13 February - 17 March 2017

Celebrating 25 years of advertising at Central Saint Martins, this reflective exhibition presented the work by our Graphic Communication Design staff and alumni.

In Collaboration: Eduardo Paolozzi at the Central School, 1949 - 1955

13 February - 16 March 2017

This display exhibited a series of original prints produced at the Central School between 1949 and 1955. Paolozzi made these experimental and innovative prints in a richly collaborative and interdisciplinary environment including technician and theorist Anton Ehrenzweig, artist-photographer Nigel Henderson, artist Richard Hamilton and sculptor William Turnbull.

Exposed: highlighting historical collections at the CSM Museum

11 January - 9 February 2017

Taking a snapshot in time and place, Exposed brought together work by four mid-century designers who studied or taught at the Central School of Arts and Crafts (later Central Saint Martins). Print by Barbara Hanrahan, textiles by John Drummond, ceramics by William Newland and graphic design by Richard Hollis combine to reflect the changing styles and attitudes of post-war art and design.