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LVMH scholarships and Maison/0 awards

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Maison/0 Green Trail | LVMH scholarships | Scholarships 2021| Previous LVMH scholars |

Maison/0 Green Trail

Since 2018, The Maison/0 Green Trail has celebrated and rewarded the best graduate projects pioneering new ways to confront our climate, biodiversity and social emergencies.

This Earth Maison/0 award

Starting in 2021, this award celebrates the power of artistic practice to advocate for nature. The first recipients of this award will be announced in June 2021.

LVMH scholarships

Five annual scholarships support creative and environmentally-engaged artists, designers and makers.

Scholarships 2021

Ranura Edirisinghe, MA Fashion
Jimmy Howe, MA Fashion
Ben Redouane Bennai, BA Fashion
Seli Arku Korsi, BA Fashion
Annalisa Lacopetti, MA Design: Furniture

Previous LVMH scholars

The LVMH scholarships, launched in 2012, have provided invaluable support to students at a pivotal time in their studies. Five scholarships are available each year to final year students on BA Fashion, MA Fashion and one additional discipline that changes each year.


Louis (Shengtao) Chen, BA Fashion
Mizuki Tochigi BA Jewellery
Paolo Carzana, MA Fashion
Cecile Tulkens, MA Fashion
Hannah Goldhill Watts, BA Fashion


Benjamin Benmoyal, BA Fashion
Martin Tual, MA Fashion
Sydney Pimbley, BA Fashion
Constance Blackaller, MA Fashion
Daniela Benaim, MA Fashion Communication


Deanna Fanning, MA Fashion
Edwin Mohney, MA Fashion
Simon Valer Dacsef, BA Fashion
Masha Popova, BA Fashion
Alix Emery, BA Fine Art


Robert Wallace, MA Fashion
Li Gong, MA Fashion
Martin Tual, BA Fashion
Alexander Bucko, BA Fashion
Beatriz Mickle, MA Narrative Environments


Sergiy Grechyshkin, BA Fashion
Maja Milisavljevic, BA Fashion
Sarah Ansah, BA Fashion


Martin Hanly, BA Fashion
Rosalina Burkova, BA Fashion
Phoebe Kime, BA Fashion


Richard Malone, BA Fashion
Daniele Toneatti, BA Fashion
Ayaka Sakuri, BA Fashion


Nathaniel Lyles, BA Fashion
Asad Rehman Khan, BA Fashion
Mao Usami, BA Fashion


Tigran Avetisyan, BA Fashion
Oliver Ward, BA Fashion
Jessica Mort, BA Fashion