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Get involved

Do you have a project or idea that you would like to see take place at MAKE? Maybe you want to put on a craft activity for the local area, run a workshop or find someone to collaborate with certain art and design skills from Central Saint Martins. If so, we’d love to hear your idea. Please get in touch at

If your project is the right fit for the space we can provide:

  • Dedicated project support from our MAKE team, including technical staff with experience of workshop facilitation, structured activities and using the various equipment and facilities available.
  • Access to our permanent equipment for MAKE, along with possible access to wider Central Saint Martin’s equipment on a loan basis.
  • Potential access to materials to bring your project to life, depending on whether it fits with our current stock. This will change over the course of the project so please speak to the team.
  • Links to our partners and stakeholders, including Camden Council and the organisations in the Knowledge Quarter.


MAKE @ Story Garden functions as a workshop space. We are equipped with a flexible range of equipment to cater to a range of art, design and making activities. More specifically, we have expertise in delivering in the following areas:

  • Clay and ceramic making (including firing)
  • Sewing activities
  • Textiles and weaving
  • Digital fabrication and small-scale manufacture
  • Woodworking, furniture making and DIY activities
  • Facilities for workshops and collaborative ideation sessions, such as presentation

Our facilities include:

  • Flexible studio space for 15-20 people
  • Larger outdoor decking area for assembly of larger projects
  • Small technical workshop housing digital manufacturing equipment and CNC
  • An outdoor kiln for ceramic firing
  • A fully stocked range of hand tools
  • Sewing machines
  • 3D printers
  • CNC fabrication machine
  • Arduino electronics and other digital tools

To request additional equipment in the space, please get in touch and talk to us! We may have access to a wider range of equipment for projects through Central Saint Martins.