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PhD webinars: get started with the British Library

What’s the British Library? What’s in the collection? How can I find what I need? Join us for a series of online webinars to find out how to kick off your research.

Pick up the basics with our introductory webinar, and then choose from our range of modules, each introducing an area of the Collection so you can focus on what will be relevant and interesting to you.

All the sessions take place on Wednesday afternoons between 14 January and 3 March 2021.

They’re all free and you can join as many as you like. In fact, we recommend you do, because you never know what you might find. Please book in advance, as places are limited.

The complete programme, and links to register, can be found here.

Research season 2021

Throughout March 2021 all 6 UAL Colleges will host activities for staff and PhD students reflecting the richness and diversity of ongoing research at UAL. Our events will look into Black Lives Matter, climate change, COVID-19, decolonisation, intersectionality, and sustainability. Find out more information on Research Season and the full programme.


Calling interested research students and staff to join a new reading and writing group, starting 2021.Two people in black gorilla costumes standing outside Whitechapel Art Gallery stare at the viewer

Image: The Guerrilla Girls pictured outside the Whitechapel Gallery.
Photo: David Parry/PA Wire 
Exhibition: Guerrilla Girls: Is it even worse in Europe? (1 October 2016 – 5 March 2017)

This is a reading and writing group, made up of research students and staff, exploring trans-species drag and tranimalities through art and design. From Derrida’s cat to the Guerrilla Girls, Harraway’s Simians to Lady GaGa’s Kermit outfit. Animal drag, as a concept and/or practice, might be used to explore and illuminate intersections with feminism, posthumanism, critical animal studies, issues of gender, drag and trans*. Students share writing with peers for feedback and support, and the group discusses set readings and relevant critical theory to help form new ideas and perspectives on their work. It is hoped the research group will develop towards collaborative symposia or publishing a themed journal issue, for example. For now, it is organised by Dr Nicola McCartney.

If you would like to take part, please email your research interests to and you will be sent details on the next meeting.

Dr Nicola McCartney is a lecturer in Cultural Studies at Central Saint Martins, UAL.