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CSM Study Abroad

Central Saint Martins welcomes students from all over the world to programmes in the arts, design, fashion, media, communication and performance

Wherever you are in the world, welcome to Central Saint Martins.

Our Study Abroad programmes are designed primarily for undergraduate-level students who would like to study at Central Saint Martins as part of their ongoing studies.

We offer a choice of three distinct programmes, depending on how long you want to study abroad and your preferred way of learning.

Integrated Study Abroad

Study alongside full-time degree students on one of Central Saint Martins' undergraduate courses.

Semester Study Abroad

Study alongside other overseas students for 1 semester, with opportunities to learn and collaborate with local undergraduates.

Choose from Fine Art Semester or the Free Elective Semester Programme (FESP)

Study fashion design or graphic design for 14 weeks, with a choice of elective modules and an optional study trip to Continental Europe.

Summer Study Abroad

Study art, design, fashion or performance during the summer vacation on one of our intensive 3-week courses.