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People sat in a cinema watching an animated film
People sat in a cinema watching an animated film
Photo: John Sturrock

Welcome to CSMplayer. Here, we gather together the latest discussions, lectures and recordings from across Central Saint Martins for you to explore.


  • Photo: Mat Bray

    Ben Okri in conversation with Gaylene Gould (UAL only)  

    Booker Prize winning poet, playwright and novelist Ben Okri performs a reading of his work, followed by a conversation with Gaylene Gould, cultural leader and Advisory Board member for Decolonising Arts Institute and presenter of the Serpentine podcast Reworlding.

Beyond borders

A collection of dialogues and broadcasts on creativity, solidarity and community across the globe.

Emancipatory practices

Arquitetura na Periferia from Brazil present their work enabling women from the periphery to plan and carry out improvements to their homes. Part of a lecture series from Spatial Practices in collaboration with TF/TK Project, convening prominent architects, activists and academics to discuss and draw on the work of Brazilian architect and theorist Sérgio Ferro. Watch the series in full on YouTube.

Lost/Found in Translation

Lost/Found in Translation brings together a cross-disciplinary group of practitioners to discuss the creative potential found in translation. Translation can highlight themes, concepts, feelings, and actions inherent to different linguistic contexts. Through translation, shared ground can be sought, and scope for articulating ideas and concepts in alternate forms can be found.

  • An illustration of a globe in pink with a black line from London to Cairo

    ZERO صفر: a COP27 broadcast  

    Spatial radio host a 24 hour broadcast during COP27, exploring, through conversation, sound, and music, calculation and computation in developing a plan for surviving the contemporary climate crisis.

  • Two floor catwalk made in scaffold with three models wearing colourful garments
    BA Fashion Show 2022 (photo: John Sturrock)

    Fashion at Central Saint Martins: Our Global Community  

    Designer Mary Katrantzou, photographer Campbell Addy and Harper’s Bazaar China fashion features director Yoanna Liu consider the CSM global community and the importance of diversity and cultural difference.

  • Students recording a radio show
    Photo: by Yichi Duan


    A student-led radio broadcast from MA Narrative Environments in solidarity with Ukraine. Exploring misinformation on the war, and featuring conversation, music and sounds from Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian diasporas.

Self, society and systems

Formerly dominant socio-cultural norms and political structures are being questioned, critiqued and dismantled. How can new systems and practices create more equitable futures?

Human Resources: community and social justice

Four graduates discuss their work, featured as part of the Human Resources show in the Lethaby Gallery, in collaboration with London Design Festival 2022. Topics covered include social justice, climate change, burnout and class discrepancy in access to arts education.

Making Waves: Scientist in Residence 2022

Making Waves invited two scientists, a philosopher and an artist to share their research with a group of art and design postgraduate students. Through transdisciplinary exploration and experimentation, research on living systems and self-organisation was reimagined across systems and scales. Watch the series in full on YouTube.

DESTRUCTION: The toppling of public monuments

Statues erected to venerate public figures and the systems of power have become a potent symbol of oppression. This talk looks at the toppling of public monuments in the UK and Latvia due to recent public unrest. What happens when a statue falls?

  • Black squatters symbol on orange background

    Precarity (UAL only)  

    As a part of Spatial Practices' Meanwhile series, author Alexander Vasudevan of The Autonomous City looks at the organisation of alternative forms of housing and remaking of urban environments as sites of radical social transformation.

  • Woman's face emerging from green fabric
    Sandra Poulson, The Ladder, BA Fashion: Fashion Print

    Collected Conversations  

    A podcast series by graduate Terrence Phearse that critically engages with themes including anti-racism, wellbeing, climate change and sexuality. It discusses recent graduate work selected for the Deans’ Award 2020 and purchased by the Museum & Study Collection.

Decolonising the museum, with Victoria Noorthoorn and Elvira Espejo Ayca

Conversations on the stakes, problematics and possibilities of decolonising institutions. A symposium series organised by Afterall and Museu de Arte de São Paulo, together with UAL’s Decolonising Arts Institute and Goldsmiths Department of Visual Cultures. Watch more of the Decolonisation in the 2020s series on YouTube.

Data visualisation, information graphics and identity

Silas Munro and Patricio Dávila consider the challenges created by contemporary data visualisation and information design practices in the context of contemporary racial and other social justice movements.

Rethinking the theory and practice of commons

For this MA Cities public lecture, Dr Marina Chang highlights the importance of co-operative institutional structures through which grassroots initiatives can self-organise for a better future, taking Calthorpe Community Garden as a case study.

No plan(et) b

Current systems demand infinite growth on a finite planet. How can creative practice prioritise contribution and regeneration over extraction? How can we advocate for nature?

Fumbling Futures

As the climate and ecological emergency continues to worsen and as social injustices continue to divide, we piece together the broken fragments of this global crisis and create a vision for a better future with a playful optimism. Watch more Fumbling Futures events on YouTube.

The Forest School: Constructive land

Why is forestry and land management relevant, and how we can adapt as designers to existing and future ecological challenges within our landscape? Watch The Forest School series on YouTube.

How is the environmental crisis a crisis of communication?

Representatives from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Climate Outreach consider how choices that designers, artists and journalists make about how to depict our planet have a significant impact on how people perceive and interact with its potential futures.

Fundamentals: Climate

Is architecture as we know it incompatible with our future? This series of Fundamentals explores how new forms of city-making could transform urban futures.

Beyond human

Moving beyond the binary of human and machine, how can technology reflect and deepen our humanity? How can the digital experience open up new worlds and re-imagine outdated ones for the better?

Re-imagining human-machine encounters

The Hybrid Futures symposium joins thinkers, researchers and creative practitioners to illuminate the impact of digital technologies on the human and the nonhuman. Are machines destined to rule the world beyond our control? Or can the human-machine encounter be re-imagined as collaboration rather than antagonism? As coevolution rather than hierarchy?

How should creatives interact with the dominance of the tech sector?

Today, most people are more dependent on digital products and services than ever before. At the same time, for good reasons, we are increasingly scrutinising their social, cultural, political and ethical implications. This talk looks at how designers can position themselves  in relation to the technology sector.

Students and staff from the Art Programme discuss how moving to digital platforms during lockdown has impacted ways of thinking about progressive changes to online practice. How do artists navigate the landscape of remote work and video calling, and resist the advances of technocolonialism, labour exploitation, and Big Tech?

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