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Dr Martens AW14

Two people standing next to each other in front of  a brick wall
Being involved with Central Saint Martins was a great opportunity for us. We jumped at the chance to use the college as the platform for our corporate global sales launch. The association gave us not only the chance to host our event in a world-class venue but also the opportunity to work with its graduates to bring an innovative and creative dimension to our product merchandising.

— Ellie Wardle, Distributor Marketing Manager

After 2012's hugely successful Autumn/Winter launch at Central Saint Martins, Dr Martens knew that finding the right graduates to work with would be essential in order to create the right look for the follow up AW14 unveiling of their footwear collection to international retailers.

They scoured the degree shows to recruit a team of recent grads from Fine Art, Architecture and Performance Design and Practice who would be able to transform the space into distinct areas representing different aspects of the Dr Martens brand. BA Architecture graduate Anne Bellamy told 1 Granary Magazine: "They were so keen to help and foster graduates…for me it was a great experience to come straight of university and work with a professional client". This collaborative approach enabled the graduates and the client to embrace the opportunity to think big and be as creative as possible.

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