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A composite banner including a sculptural cage and a person wearing long flowing blue clothing
A composite banner including a sculptural cage and a person wearing long flowing blue clothing
Credit: Irene Roca Moracia, MA Design (left), Jiyong Kim, BA Fashion Menswear (right)

Maison/0 is the Central Saint Martins-LVMH creative platform for regenerative luxury. Our partnership is committed to leveraging the agency of creativity and education to help regenerate our climate and biodiversity and to empower emerging talents to design a better future.

Central Saint Martins has a long-established history of collaboration with the luxury group LVMH. In 2017, we formalised our partnership to better support creative talents through scholarships and collaborative student projects, as well as to develop a sustainable innovation programme dedicated to the development of disruptive curriculum content, symposium, conferences and design projects. Professor Carole Collet was appointed in 2017 to lead on this sustainable innovation programme.

LVMH currently comprises 75 Maisons across five major sectors (Wines and Spirits, Fashion and Leather Goods, Perfumes and Cosmetics, Watches and Jewellery and Selective Retailing). Maison/0 is named in recognition of the historical and cultural significance of the Maisons with 0 symbolising the need to reset our creative practices to explore radical and creative models for a regenerative future.

For more information, contact Professor Carole Collet, Director of Maison/0:

Maison/0 vision and commitment


During the first incarnation of the partnership, Maison/0 led on a range of initiatives and projects including:

Collaborative projects with students, LVMH Maisons and LVMH environment team: Circular Design for Louis Vuitton (2019) with BA Fashion and BA Jewellery; Green Concept Store: designing the ultimate multi-brand luxury eco-store with the architecture programme and the LVMH Environment team (2017-2018); material-led innovation for luxury stores with graduates from MA Material Futures, M Arch and MA Design (2020); Design for nature, MA Biodesign and LVMH Environment team (2020) for the IUCN 2021 Congress on Nature

The Other Way, a series of symposiums, showcasing creative practice as a catalyst for sustainable innovation across architecture, design, fashion, and textiles

Designing in Turbulent Times: an exhibition for London Design Festival (2019)

Future Fabrics Expo Pop-up Show at Central Saint Martins by the Sustainable Angle for Maison/0 (2019)

World’s first MA Biodesign course launched in 2019. Professor Carole Collet founded this new course to bring biology to the design table and integrate principles of living systems thinking and biomimicry into the design process

Sustainability is not enough: a series of cross-disciplinary workshops at Central Saint Martins (2019 onwards) as well as training for LVMH Maisons. These workshops encourage participants to explore new schools of thoughts to shift their creative practice from a focus on sustainability to a focus on regenerative practice that helps repair our biodiversity, climate and communities

Each year, The Maison/0 Green Trail celebrates and rewards the best environmentally-positive projects from our graduating students across disciplines.

For more information about some of these initiatives please visit the Archive page.

2021-2026: our commitment to regenerative luxury

In 2021, the next chapter of the partnership began with a five-year plan and a core commitment to regenerative luxury. We acknowledge that sustainability is not enough anymore; we want to actively repair our climate and biodiversity.

How do we design to protect and nurture our biodiversity? How do we integrate carbon sink strategies in the design process? How do we prototype regenerative luxury? What are the tools and methodologies to transform a sustainable and circular practice into a regenerative one? We want to leverage the disruptive agency of creative education at Central Saint Martins to address some of these key challenges together.

Maison/0, the Central Saint Martins LVMH creative platform for regenerative luxury, includes five key strands:

Research and development for LIFE prototyping regenerative luxury through design research. With the renewal of the partnership, a new design-led research and development strand has been added to work closely with the LVMH Environment team and LIFE 360, the LVMH environment strategy. The focus is on prototyping regenerative luxury through design research across disciplines.

LVMH scholarships supporting creative and environmentally-engaged artists, designers and makers. Five scholarships a year are awarded: two for BA Fashion students, two for MA Fashion students and a fifth scholarship for broader design disciplines.

Disruptive curriculum – pioneering new creative curricula for a regenerative future. We will continue to develop new curricula to integrate regenerative models across disciplines as well as develop new courses.

The Challenge fund embedding creative collaboration with LVMH through student and graduate-led engagement. Projects will generate ideas to address the climate and biodiversity emergency and shared challenges.

Maison/0 awards We continue to reward graduates who are pioneering new ways to confront our climate, biodiversity and social emergencies. Since 2018, the Maison/0 Green Trail has highlighted the best nature-positive graduating projects across design disciplines and for 2021 our This Earth Award will celebrate the power of artistic practice to advocate for nature.


  • Maison/0 This Earth 2022
    Min Zhang, MA Fine Art

    Maison/0 This Earth 2022

    Now in its second year, the Maison/0 This Earth Award celebrates the power of artistic practice to advocate for nature.

  • Maison/0 Green Trail 2022
    Antoinette Yetunde Oni, M ARCH: Architecture

    Maison/0 Green Trail 2022

    We're proud to announce the five winners of the Maison/0 Green Trail which celebrates innovative responses by graduating students to the climate and biodiversity emergencies.

  • Design For Nature with Maison/0
    Eleonora Rombola, Algalip, MA Biodesign

    Design For Nature with Maison/0

    MA Biodesign students collaborated with Maison/0 to answer the question: how can biodesign propose new concepts at the service of nature for the luxury sector?

  • Winners of the MullenLowe NOVA Awards 2021 announced
    NOVA Award 2021

    Winners of the MullenLowe NOVA Awards 2021 announced

    Marking the tenth anniversary of the MullenLowe NOVA Awards, this year's winning work offers visions of a more eco-centred and socially just future.