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Open call…

We invite postgraduate students from across CSM to join an exciting experimental project designed to interrogate and reimagine contemporary scientific research centred on heart disease, energy harvesting and cellular sensing.

24 September 2019

Questions to explore:

  • How are scientists tackling the problems of heart conditions?
  • How do heart cells sense and understand environmental conditions?
  • How are engineers developing technological interventions to interface with the body?
  • How is scientific research conducted and how can this research be ‘hacked’ by the practices of art and design?


4-8 November 2019


Monday – Thursday: 2-6pm
Friday: 10-1pm + evening public seminar (optional)


The Grow Lab, Central Saint Martins, Kings Cross

Download the information pack [PDF, 1.6mb]

Doctoral Open Days at the British Library

I am pleased to let you know that the British Library has scheduled another season of Doctoral Open Days in January and February 2020.

We are circulating the dates of these now, so that you and your colleagues can include details in any induction pack / training being prepared for your new Doctoral Students.  The Box Office will open in mid-October and we will be in touch then with further details.Our Open Days are designed for first year PhD students who are new to the Library.  The days explain the practicalities of using the Library and its services – including navigating our physical and online collections. Students are encouraged to choose the event which is of most interest and relevance to their studies, from the following:

Asian & African Collections - Monday 20 January
Music Collections - Monday 27 January
The Collections at Boston Spa … and beyond - Wednesday 29 January
British & European Collections from Antiquity to 1600 - Monday 03 Feb
British & European Collections after 1600 - Monday 17 February
Contemporary Society and Culture Collections - Monday 24 February
The Americas Collections - Friday 28 February

We hope you find this advance information useful and will be in touch again with full details of individual events and how to book, once the Box Office is open.

Light | Sensitive | Materialphotography Conference 2019

26 April 2019

A two-day conference at the University of West London supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council

1–2 November 2019

Keynote speakers

Professor Howard Caygill, Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy,

Kingston University, London
Professor Laura U. Marks, School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

Call for Papers

The fields of photography theory and history have in recent years moved away from the assumption of a break between the analogue and digital image to a more nuanced understanding of both past and contemporary photographic practices, images, and technologies. Increasingly photography is discussed in relation to other media, to industry and markets and to climate and the environment. At the same time questions of aesthetics and interpretation are recast and understood in terms of sensual, haptic, embodied and everyday encounters with material images. This conference will examine photography as simultaneously material and immaterial, addressing not only the tangible properties of photographic objects, but also the ecosystems in which they circulate. We live in and through the photographic, in its physical presence in the world, and in our thought. The conference thus also invites considerations of the ways in which a mode of philosophical thinking can be conceived as photographic or vice versa.

We welcome abstracts from colleagues in film or cinema studies working on the physical and chemical aspects of film (celluloid and light for example) and questions of aesthetic / sensual experience; and from colleagues in media, literature, history and philosophy whose work addresses the photographic in its various manifestations and forms. Artists whose work engages with the conference themes are welcome to submit a proposal.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:Ecologies of photography: atmospherics (clouds, fogging, aerialism, climate), energetics

Photography and the ineffable: material/immaterial, apparitions, image/imaginationTransience: ephemerality, obsolescence, wear and tear

Materiality: from celluloid to coltan, gelatine and silver, tactility, gesture, embodiment and thingliness

Science and technology: maintenance, glitches, wet and dry photography, chemistry, apparatus

Visibility and illumination: enlightenment and luminescence, flash, phosphorescence

Abstract Submission: Please send abstracts (300 words max.) with your name, title, affiliation (where appropriate) and a short bio (up to 200 words).
Please prepare for a 20 minute presentation

by 5th of June 2019 to the conference organizers:

Dr. Michelle Henning — Professor of Photography and Cultural History, University of West London

Dr. Junko Theresa Mikuriya — Senior Lecturer in Photography, University of West London