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Bedding design by Yiwen Liu for Mendale

London inspired print design and graphics influenced by forms in nature

In 2018 Chinese soft furnishings company, Mendale, asked the students of BA Textile Design; Print Pathway to create drawings and research that captured the famous atmosphere, history, and tradition of the sights of London. The aim of the project was to create designs that could be developed into interior repeat prints, suitable for bed linen and other soft furnishings. The client purchased the work of two students and launched a new range featuring these designs called ‘The Impression of Britain.’

For their second collaboration with Central Saint Martins in 2020, Mendale worked with students from BA Graphic Communication Design, as part of the Narrative and Voice element of their course. Mendale challenged the students to create a range of illustrations and animations for a new product range. The students were asked to draw inspiration from the natural world and create designs to inspire a feeling of optimism during the Covid-19 pandemic. The client purchased the work of four students and started putting designs into production in 2021.

This is a unique collaboration from which we can feel the creative vitality and profound atmosphere of Central Saint Martins. Although we have collaborated twice, each collaboration is full of passion and is as fresh and interesting as the first encounter.

Shuli Yan, Mendale Creative Director