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Maison/0 This Earth 2021

Person walking on beach
Person walking on beach
Virginie Nugere, MA Fine Art
Written by
Teleri Lloyd-Jones
Published date
01 July 2021

In its inaugural year, we announce the winners of the Maison/0 This Earth Award celebrating the power of artistic practice to advocate for nature.

Running alongside the established Maison/0 Green Trail, This Earth is devoted to graduating work from the Art programme. The jury for its first year included Alexander Capelli, Environment Deputy Director at LVMH and Alice Audoin, Founder and Chair of Art of Change 21. "The students who won this year's Maison/0 Awards have demonstrated their infinite capacity to be trailblazers who find creative solutions to fight climate change and biodiversity loss" said Capelli,"By rethinking our practices they are on their way to answer some of the biggest environmental challenges of our time". Reflecting on This Earth, Alex Schady, Programme Director of Art, said

“This is the first year we have run the prize and it’s been fantastically reassuring to see how many students are actively engaged in addressing environmental issues in their work. The work selected doesn’t simply have the environment as its subject. It is work that urges the audience to action, it is a call to arms. This is art as a catalyst for change and at this moment in time this is something that is really badly needed.”

The addition of This Earth celebrates artistic practice that challenges our perceptions and provides a new ecological lens to see the world.”

— Carole Collet, Director Maison/0

Virginie Nurgere, MA Fine Art

“My work starts from the diagnosis of a globalised ‘glitch’ in contemporary societies. In a context of a crisis, I question our way to connect to the world. Facing the constant movement of the world and feeling a form of helplessness, I began to make a series of video performances in which I put myself on stage in a landscape and I remain there motionless, in silence. I thus walk with the return to silence and immobility as a focal point. Seeking to mirror in the image the tremor that will bring down the veils of illusion.”

Figure surround by floating feathers
Virginie Nugere, MA Fine Art

Henry Parkin BA Fine Art 3D

“This iteration of my device, designed to extract microplastics from water using ferrofluid, does away with electrics altogether. It’s able to move across the surface of water by catching the wind in its sail. … There is a long way to go with upgrading the technology’s efficiency so that it can be effective in large bodies of water, but I imagine them swimming around in big shoals, in fish farms or reservoir type human sources of drinking water.”

Small red automaton on water
Henry Parkin, BA Fine Art

Gwen Sion, BA Fine Art XD

“I am an experimental composer and multi-disciplinary artist. My practice explores the sculptural and architectural qualities of sound and is underpinned by landscape, mythology, ritual and synaesthetic crossover. HS2 Ghostlands is a multi-disciplinary arts project created in response to the climate emergency and HS2 in a political act to record and preserve UK woodland, highlighting issues of deforestation, habitat destruction and biodiversity loss.”

Person kneeling in forest
Gwen Sion, BA Fine Art

Congratulations to Yuxi Long, BA Fine Art for being highly commended.

Explore the entire shortlist on the Central Saint Martins Graduate Showcase.

Maison/0 is the Central Saint Martins-LVMH creative platform for regenerative luxury. Our partnership is committed to leveraging the agency of creativity and education to help regenerate our climate and biodiversity and to empower emerging talents to design a better future.