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Camberwell College of Arts canteen


Camberwell College of Arts has a range of professional workshops and facilities.

3D Workshops

Camberwell's 3D workshops allow students to make work in metal, ceramics, plastic and wood.

  • Metal - metal guillotine, sand blaster, forge, grinding, metal saw, plasma cutter, MIG, TIG and spot welding
  • Ceramics - glazing laboratory, indoor kilns, plaster room, spray booth and working area
  • Plastic - laser cutter, vacuum former, milling drill, hot wire, 3D printer
  • Wood - ban saws, table saw, panel saw, router, belt sander
  • Foundry - metal casting
Wood workshop at Peckham Road.
Wood workshop at Peckham Road. - Credit: Kristy Noble.
Metal workshop at Peckham Road.
Metal workshop at Peckham Road. - Credit: Kristy Noble.
Foundry at Peckham Road.
Foundry at Peckham Road. - Credit: Kristy Noble.
Camberwell ceramics workshop.
Ceramics workshop at Peckham Road. - Credit: Kristy Noble.


Camberwell's printmaking centre gives students access to both traditional and digital facilities. Our technicians support students in making work using the following techniques:

  • Digital, screen, mono and relief printing
  • Plate and stone lithography
  • Aquatint and etching
  • Letterpress
Camberwell screen printing.
Camberwell printmaking workshop.
Camberwell printmaking workshop. - Credit: Kristy Noble.


Camberwell's photography centre has a range of darkrooms and specialist equipment available for students. There is also a digital darkroom specifically for BA Fine Art Photography students. This is used to teach photographic digital workflows.

Photographic studio

  • Used for learning photographic studio techniques
  • Production of work in still and video formats
  • Flash and constant lighting are available

Multi format fibre darkroom

  • Black and white darkroom for tray processing
  • 10 enlargers configured for a variety of formats
  • Fibre based printing only

Specialist print darkroom

  • Cyanotype, liquid emulsion, salt and albumen printing
  • Enlargers and a space for toning

35mm black and white resin darkroom

  • An Ilford resin coated paper processor
  • 9 enlargers

Colour print darkroom

  • An RA4 processor for colour negative printing
  • 5 enlargers

Black and white film processing room

  • Daylight tanks or trays for large format
Camberwell photography darkroom.
Camberwell photography darkroom. - Credit: Kristy Noble.
 Camberwell photography studio.
Camberwell photography studio. - Credit: Kristy Noble.

Digital Media

Camberwell's digital media centre provides students with access to equipment and training. The digital media centre includes an open access media suite. We have a large number of Macs. Students can use programmes such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

Video and sound editing, stop frame animation, image manipulation, digital and 3D printing and scanning facilities are available. There are further Mac and PC computers in the library.

We offer training in digital media software. Students learn through structured workshops and optional one-on-one sessions with our technicians.

Camberwell College of Arts student led maker space.
Camberwell College of Arts library

Foundation Diploma Workshops

The Foundation Diploma in Art and Design has its own specialist workshops at Wilson Road. Each area is run by experienced technicians, who are on hand to provide guidance and support. Students have access to a 3D workshop, printmaking, digital media and photography facilities.

Foundation 3D workshop.
Foundation 3D workshop. - Credit: Kristy Noble.
Foundation digital media facilities.
Foundation digital media facilities. - Credit: Kristy Noble.
Foundation printmaking facilities.
Foundation printmaking facilities. - Credit: Kristy Noble.
Foundation printmaking facilities.
Foundation printmaking facilities. - Credit: Kristy Noble.