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Fashion Drawing (2 credits)

Fashion Drawing

Capturing the essence, the mood, the quality of a garment is not about photorealism or laboured observational drawing. Though superseded by photography in the mid 20th century as a medium for fashion magazine advertising, fashion drawing has survived because it stimulates engagement through an ability to describe how fashion feels. In an image saturated world this makes fashion drawing more relevant today than ever before.

In this unit you will learn how to create a fashion drawing from concept to completion.

You will have the opportunity to draw directly from a live model and through observational drawing of figure, garment and fabric you will learn to communicate and express your designs accurately and effectively. This is a very practical unit with a strong emphasis on both demonstrations and individual tutorials. The aim is to take you to another skill level whilst retaining your individuality.

Topics covered will include composition, scale, proportion, drawing construction details, drawing hands/faces/hair and feet, expressing gesture, movement, volume, and contour. You will be given the opportunity to understand the value and application of tonal range, accent, rhythm, contrast, emphasis, texture, and pattern. You will experiment with colour rendering using a variety of media including charcoal, chalk, watercolours, pastels, ink, acrylic, gouache, markers and coloured pencils.

Those who want to improve and practice their drawing skills and those who need to add more personal work to their portfolios would benefit from this unit. The final outcome will be a portfolio of fashion drawing complemented with a personal sketchbook.

Suitable for beginners.

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