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Boo Pala

Founder of Boo Pala
London College of Fashion
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Boo  Pala


After receiving offers from different American and British universities, Boo opted to start her career as a fashion designer at London College of Fashion. She graduated from BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles: Print in 2013, and moved back to her hometown in Istanbul, Turkey to start her own eponymous brand, at the same time as working as a design consultant for fashion textiles companies.


How's life been since finishing your studies at LCF?

I moved back to Istanbul to start my brand Boo Pala right after graduation. In Turkey I had the chance to put into practice what I had learnt at university to take part in all aspects of design, mass production and other essential fields of the industry. During my years in Istanbul I worked for textiles companies for trend research and textile design, and I started collaborating with creatives from different fields.

The UAL Portfolio platform and Not Just A Label gave me many editorial opportunities, and I also won an award in the Koza Young Fashion Designers Contest, which supports emerging Turkish designers. Later in my career, I participated in Tokyo Fashion Week and Japanese trade shows, and I also showcased my collections in Who's Next Paris. After gaining financial stability, I moved back to London in 2017.

Why did you choose to study at LCF?

I was accepted in all the art colleges I applied to in the UK and USA — I even had a scholarship opportunity to study in New York, but that didn't stop me from choosing London College of Fashion.

I wanted to study at LCF because, whilst a student is exploring their individualistic style in arts and design and expanding their skills, LCF also has the best curriculum that cohesively integrates with the modern industry.

Why did you decide to focus your career as a designer on printed textiles?

I love textiles. My design ideas appear as colour and texture at first, shapes come later. The key elements of my brand come from the process of textile development and the feeling that it brings to the wearer.

What did you enjoy the most about your course?

We were a great family! Our tutors were the best. They always pushed us forward with our skills and ideas. During my course, I was selected as a finalist for the SDC London Region World of Colour, I participated in a collaborative project with ISKO and my final collection was also featured on International Talent Support and WGSN fashion trends forecast.

None of this would’ve been possible without the support of my brilliant tutors and the encouragement of this college.

Tell us a bit more about your final collection: Which topic did you explore?

My final project, The Matadors of Abstraction, was focused on James Rosenquist’s masterpiece F-111, highlighting the painting, the artist’s history and Spanish historical and modern architecture in relation to the socioeconomic climate in Spain during 2013. The collection puts emphasis on the minimal and masculine whilst concentrating on the creation of vibrant colours and textures. Traditional screen printing techniques and digital textile technologies were highly explored throughout the collection process.

For you, what's the best thing about your profession?

I love creating textures, playing with colours and creating a world of mine that ends up being a part of someone else’s life. Seeing my designs on various women and men in different life styles, characters and view-points is the best feeling ever! Fashion is universal.

What are your plans for the next few years?

I have a high urge to work with mix media. I am concentrating on making a colourful Mediterranean salad with all the melodies, shapes and textures that are waiting to be bloomed. I have a very small team and hope to expand Boo Pala family during this journey. I would love to work with UAL students as well.

What advice would you give to potential students who would like to start their careers as designers at LCF?

LCF is your home. It is the place your curiosity will be triggered. At the end of the course you will become a better version of yourself, filled with wisdom and knowledge. Take that opportunity and work hard.