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Sophie Beet

Design Manager
London College of Fashion
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Sophie  Beet


Sophie grew up in a tiny village in the countryside located in Lincolnshire, before moving to London to start her studies at London College of Fashion. She studied BA Fashion Contour and did a placement year in industry as part of her studies. Since graduating, Sophie has moved to Sri Lanka, relocating for her job as Design Manager at Stretchline, a leading elastic design and elastic manufacturer.


Why did you choose to study BA Fashion Contour at LCF?

I chose to study at LCF as I thought it had a great reputation for fashion, it would present more opportunities and I felt a degree from London College of Fashion would really stand out.

When I first looked around the university, my course leader really inspired me with how passionately she spoke about the course.

She said that I could do anything I wanted for my graduate collection as long as I could justify it had a contour element to it.

LCF allows you to push your creativity to the max!

What did you enjoy the most about your course?

Whilst on my course, I loved how you got to do a bit of everything and you had so much creative freedom. I feel like now looking back this is an element you take for granted.

Since graduating, what have you been working on?

Since I graduated, I feel lucky that I found a job quite quickly and in the lingerie industry. I worked in London for 9 months where I got to organise and run all the garment production in several factories across Europe. I got to also learn and practice grading bra patterns by hand, and I put these patterns into production. However I found I wanted to see more of the world and do a more creative role. This lead me to my current role as a Design Manager, located in Sri Lanka. I had never considered an elastic designer as a job in Intimates and Activewear, but I really enjoy the creative freedom it entails and the opportunities it offers.

I work directly with Stretchline’s top clients such as Calvin Klein, Victoria’s Secret and Nike. It has allowed me to travel not only to Sri Lanka, a country I have never visited before, but also I’ve been to New York to present the seasonal catalogues to Stretchline’s clients.

How have you found relocating to Sri Lanka? 

I would have never thought in a million years I would be living in Sri Lanka. It has been a huge learning curve adapting to the local culture, climate and food. And also learning a whole new specialised skill set in elastic too- I find it fascinating, especially seeing how it’s all manufactured and dyed.

For the next couple of years I plan on staying in Sri Lanka, I love my job and can’t see myself leaving it anytime soon.

What advise would you give to students thinking of studying at LCF?

My advise for future students is work hard and push yourself! You can achieve so much more if you invest the time into your education. It’s the perfect time to experiment in great facilities with great teaching support. Also, don’t compare yourself to anyone else; focus on you and your own journey. It’s always easier to see other people’s strengths and your own flaws. I wish I had had this advice while I was at LCF.