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Dr Paul Marsden

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Paul  Marsden


Paul is a consultant consumer psychologist. He helps brands understand what consumers want, using psychological techniques to surface consumers’ unspoken needs and hidden motivations. Paul is chartered by the British Psychological Society and has two decades experience working with the global communications group WPP and the innovation consultancy Brand Genetics. Notable clients include LVMH, TK Maxx, Fitbit, Edmiston, Google, and Porsche. He has authored several marketing books, including Connected Marketing, and The Social Commerce Handbook. Following his PhD, Paul co-founded System1 Group PLC, a tech company that uses Artificial Intelligence to mine psychological insight from online content. Paul appears on TV and radio discussing consumer trends and consumer psychology, and recently appeared as himself in the 2021 movie ‘I am Gen Z’ about teens and tech. Paul has a particular interest in virtual influencers, digital fashion, and the ethics of AI in marketing. Paul blogs at, sharing tips on how to have a healthier tech-life balance.