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Not Very Well Clothing (NFW)

Not Very Well Clothing (NFW)

London College of Fashion
Not Very Well Clothing (NFW)


Zhi Hollywood makes recycled and upcycled clothes with a focus on sustainability and mental health, collaborating with his creative peers to build a community of likeminded thinkers.


Tell us about your brand.

I am making clothes from recycled, and sustainable (plastic bottles, bamboo cotton, organic cottons, alpaca knitwear) products as well as old clothes. I like to tell stories using visual media with each design that reflects society and my own personal story. I collaborate with other artists  including musicians NSG, Doomood AKA Jamel ventura, Yrsa Daley Ward – actress, model and writer amongst many other creative individuals who focus on mental health and wellbeing, and they contribute to this story.

What makes your brand unique?

I am using more cutting edge materials and products, such as EMF shielding fabric, mushroom textiles, pineapple plastic. The visual storytelling is connected to my marketing strategy and I create an experience for the user, to get involved with my brand through events. I am working on making an augmented reality app, looking at scanning technologies, using volumetric film capture. This is in collaboration with the national film and television school.

My clothes are available to buy for cash or via card payments and I also accept a ‘trade’ for skills or other products too. I even offer the opportunity to be able to buy in cryptocurrency.

For some businesses, the move to Poplar Works will mean being to expand production or their team. What are the specific ways it will benefit you?

I can see that having a fixed space would really enable me to produce and focus fully. The whole concept of building a community environment is very exciting and people work more

productively within these environments. Having support and mentorship is important

Too, to provide me with guidance and help me develop structure. This is a platform for change, focus and support. That is really exciting.

LCF at Poplar Works is committed to giving back to the local community through the creative talent housed there. Can you talk a bit about your plans for giving back?

I would share my skills and techniques in design, materials, products and layering. I would make an effort to learn about what other projects are going on and see how the local community

operates, and use this as research into what the community would benefit from. I would present these ideas in a group setting to gain feedback and shape into creating a workshop or event for the community.