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Kyinat Motla

Lecturer, BA (Hons) Fashion Styling and Production
London College of Fashion
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Kyinat  Motla



About Kyinat

Kyinat Molta completed a BFA in Fashion Design at  Parsons The New School for Design and studied Filmmaking at Ecole Cinema Geneve. She moved to Pakistan where she was a National Level Documentary Photographer for UNICEF, as well working on various USAID Projects where her focus was on Entertainment Education. She helped develop a Sindhi Morning TV Talk Show aimed at women, focusing on all aspects of mother & child health. She then began teaching Introduction to Fashion, History of Costume & Portfolio Development at IQRA University.

Kyinat joined LCF as one of the College's new academic posts from the Academic Development Fund, set up in response to student feedback.

Why did you decide to join LCF?

As a year tutor I have the honour of supporting students throughout their journey. Connecting with the students, watching them flourish and find their own unique voice is truly what inspires me.

You have joined as part of the Academic Development Fund - what are your thoughts on the fund and its opportunities?

I was very excited about joining LCF. The greatest reason being the diversity among the student cohorts, which is slowly being reflected in the academic staff. The university's motivation to grow the curriculum, focusing on embedding diverse, marginalised voices into course content was an aspect I really wanted to contribute towards as a young, Muslim Pakistani woman. It makes me proud to now be a part of an institute where there are innovations being placed, focused on addressing the attainment gap, as well as using student support services to help improve the overall student experience.

What can students expect from your course?

Styling and Production is an incredible course because there are so many different pathways that our students can go down in terms of their future careers. Within our course we develop investigative research skills in order to produce stimulating new narratives. We nurture the generation of ideas that can be translated through the language of clothing, accessories, props, location, customisation and the re-appropriation of found objects and materials. We encourage our students to be innovators, forces of change, focusing on, but not limiting to notions of diversity, sustainability and social responsibility. Ultimately becoming the voices of fashion futures, within existing and emerging fashion platforms, which are continuously growing with the aid of social media & technology.

What advice would you give to students wanting to study your course?

Be open & creative! Don’t assume that there is a certain look, aesthetic or process that we prefer or that is expected. Styling and production is an expansive course. We celebrate the fact that are students all come from different walks of life. So bring your own experiences, your perspective, your point of view to the forefront!

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